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Itati Cantoral and Osvaldo Benavides Give Throwback

Look who it is! Itati Cantoral and Osvaldo Benavides surprised everyone with a reunion pic that brings back memories of one of the most iconic moments in telenovela history. Of course we’re talking about the line “Que haces besando a la lisiada” of the infamous character Soraya Montenegro. Talk about a throwback!

Aventurera Role Goes to Five Actresses

“Aventurera” has chosen it’s lead protagonist in its new phase that will go live in February – actually, FIVE actresses got the role. The iconic character will be played on rotation by different actresses we all know well. Susana Gonzalez will kick off the show and then, down the line, Niurka Marcos, Itati Cantoral, and […]

Itati Cantoral on OITNB is Everything

Soraya Montenegro is back…this time on “Orange Is The New Black!” Itati Cantoral reprised the role of the iconic villain for a promo for the Netflix show – and it is EVERYTHING and more!! Her acting was cut into scenes of the show…and the end result is magic. We are loving this! You HAVE TO […]

Itati Cantoral Takes Blind Orphans to See Musical Annie

Itati Cantoral is the butt of the joke on social media…again. This time it was something she obviously meant to do good with. The actress took 30 orphan girls to see a musical. That’s nice and all, but she took them to “Annie” – the musical about orphans! Oh, and most of the girls are […]

Itati Cantoral Rumored to be Drunk on Hoy

Itati Cantoral was on “Hoy” on Thursday and everyone in Mexico is talking about it. Why?? Because word is she was drunk! The actress was definitely loud and loopy – but she didn’t miss a bit while answering. We get a feeling that Itati is just crazy and kooky but we want to know what […]