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Isabel Pantoja Asks Mario Domm For Some Respect

Isabel Pantoja got real on Mario Domm and journalist Maria Encarnacion. She performed at Viña Del Mar on Wednesday night and noticed some people on texting on their phones in the first row. After the song, Isabel said “Hay muchos sitios para hablar, no la primera fila. Y a una artista, sea quien sea, hay […]

Isabel Pantoja Reappears Looking Younger Than Ever

Isabel Pantoja spent some time in jail for money laundering – but not even time behind bars could bring her down. She is prepping for a musical comeback and reappeared while leaving rehearsals – looking younger than ever! Her face was without a wrinkle and as smooth as can be…without looking stretched or awkwardly filled. […]

Isabel Pantoja Releasing Album Months After Jail Release

Isabel Pantoja is coming out with a new album. The Spanish singer was released from jail back in March – behind bars for money laundering – and obviously she got right to work because the new album is due out soon. It’s called “Hasta Que Se Apague El Sol” and the white dress she uses […]

Juan Gabriel May Have Left Isabel Pantoja Million Dollar Apartment

Juan Gabriel and Isabel Pantoja were very close friends. So close that it’s being said that he left her something in his will. According to “Diez Minutos”, he left the Spanish singer an apartment. Not just any apartment, a luxury one valued at over a million dollars. It’s located in Madrid and has over nine […]

Isabel Pantoja Visits Her First Granddaughter

Probation just in time. Isabel Pantoja recently got probation which allowed her to visit her first ever granddaughter. She already has two grandsons – and now a girl. The little one’s name is Ana and Isabel headed to the hospital right as she was being born. At least grandma wasn’t stuck behind bars.