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Ines Gomez Mont Starting to Show at 7 Months

Ines Gomez Mont is finally starting to show. The host is pregnant with her sixth child and is now seven months into it – here she is with her baby bump. She hasn’t been hiding, she just hasn’t been showing as much. Looking good, mommy!

Ines Gomez Mont Some Complications With Latest Pregnancy

Ines Gomez Mont is expecting her sixth child – and this time she is having more complications than the past. It’s being said the TV host is facing some issues with this new pregnancy. There are reports that her sugar levels don’t seem to be balancing and that she is dealing with a sort of […]

Ines Gomez Mont Reveals Baby’s Gender

Ines Gomes Mont will be a mother again and she has now revealed what she’s having. It’s a girl! The announcement was done via social media with the help of someone close to the family who was the only one, besides the gynecologist, who knew the gender. They got an extinguisher that blew a pink […]

Ines Gomez Mont Says Ex Was Disgusted by Her Cesarean Scar

Ines Gomez Mont is revealing her truth behind her separation from Javier Diaz. The two announced their split just month after their triplets were born and he has long said that she keeps the kids away from him. Now she is telling her side of the story for the first time. Ines says that eight […]

Ines Gomez Mont Pregnant With Sixth Baby

Ines Gomez Mont is pregnant again. She has a daughter, the triplets, another son, a stepson and expecting another So, yeah…the total will now be SEVEN kids!! She said: “Queremos compartirles una de las noticias que nos alegran más como familia…. UN NUEVO INTEGRANTE se suma a esta loca, pero divertida familia!!! Siempre desde niña […]