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Gloria Trevi Brother-in-Law Murdered

Gloria Trevi‘s brother-in-law was murdered. Gerardo Gomez, the singer’s husband’s brother, was found dead by authorities in Hidalgo, Texas. Police confirm that he was shot and killed. His body was found on October 16th on the side of the road. At first, it seemed that the family was trying to downplay the death by not […]

Gloria Trevi Takes Pics With Fans For Earthquake Relief

Gloria Trevi isn’t done yet. After gathering supplies to send to Mexico, the singer has decided to do even more to help those affected by the earthquake in Mexico. She is now inviting her fans at her shows in Sacramento, Bakersfield, and Paso Robles to take a pic with her for 100 dollars and the […]

Gloria Trevi Doing Her Part For Earthquake Relief

Gloria Trevi is helping out. The singer was moved to do something after seeing the images of devastation of the earthquake in Mexico. She purchased gloves, gauze, flashlights, and more for those in need. Gloria says she is simply adding her ‘granito de arena’ and urges everyone to do the same.

Jennifer Lopez Points Out Gloria Trevi at Concert

This took us by surprise! Gloria Trevi attended Jennifer Lopez‘s concert in Las Vegas and was pointed out by JLo herself! The Bronx diva mentioned that there was a special guest in the audience and then name dropped Gloria Trevi. After the show, Gloria went backstage and took a pic with Jen. Who knew?! A […]

Alicia Machado Sends Hate to Gloria Trevi

The battle between Alicia Machado and Gloria Trevi has picked up once again. The two have bickered in the past, and their rivalry was brought up in an Instagram Live Alicia held. The former beauty queen answered “Y dale con la necedad de lo de Gloria Trevi…si le digo al presidente de este país y […]