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Gloria Estefan Stands Riding Bus to Not Wrinkle Dress

Gloria Estefan made a joke on social media – but it was a little cringe-worthy at her own expense. The Cuban singer was on her way to the Kennedy Center in DC for a gala and she posted a pic on a bus. She stood up in the moving vehicle, instead of being seated…so her […]

Gloria Estefan Mother Passed Away

Gloria Estefan‘s mother passed away. The Cuban superstar informed her fans on Tuesday night that her mom had died after being sick for several days. Gloria Fajardo became a viral sensation not too long ago when she rapped in social media videos with granddaughter Emily Estefan. She earned the nickname of ‘Rapuela’ and made headlines […]

Gloria Estefan Shouts Out 2007 at 2017 NYE – VIDEO

Gloria Estefan thought the year was 2007 instead of 2017 during her performance on New Year’s Eve. The Cuban singer performed in New York City to help bring in the new year…but she was bringing in the wrong one. While hyping up the audience she made mention of it being almost 2017 – but instead […]

Gloria Estefan First Words Since Fidel Castro Death

Many stars have reacted to Fidel Castro‘s death…but we’ve all been waiting to see what Gloria Estefan had to say. She is one of the most famous Cuban exports and has been a voice for her country and the exiled community for decades. Here’s what she said: “Although the death of a human being is […]

Gloria Estefan’s Play Gets Live Broadway Album

Another album for the Cuban singer, just a little different. Gloria and Emilio Estefan have their play on Broadway and it’s a hit – now comes the album! “On Your Feet” was recorded live by the cast at Broadway’s Marquis Theatre – produced by Gloria and Emilio. It’s actually full circle. The play is based […]