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Carlos Vives and Gilberto Santa Rosa Postpone and Cancel in Europe

Carlos Vives and Gilberto Santa Rosa have an important message for their fans in Europe. Due to an apparent breach of contract by a promoter they have had to pull back from shows in several countries. Carlos was supposed to perform in London on March 31 and in Paris on April 10 – but those […]

Gilberto Santa Rosa Returns as Host of Pelaos Con Salsa

Gilberto Santa Rosa is back to hosting “Pelaos Con Salsa” for Telemetro out of Panama. This is the second season of the salsa singing competition which puts up a group of young kids to compete and perform in the tropical genre. We love that it’s so specific to a kind of Latin music and the […]

Gilberto Santa Rosa Remembers Cheo Feliciano

Gilberto Santa Rosa remembers Cheo Feliciano for the artist and person he was. He spoke with “Primera Hora” to share the following words about his dear friend Cheo: “He didn’t have that divide between singing, human being, friend, that’s the biggest lesson we all take from him. In music it was all feeling, he gave […]

Ricky Martin Checks Out Gilberto Santa Rosa on Broadway

El Astro Boricua supporting El Caballero de la Salsa! Gilberto Santa Rosa made his Broadway debut in “Forever Tango” and he got a visit from someone that knows a thing or two about Broadway. Ricky Martin checked out his fellow Puerto Rican star’s show, calling it a beautiful experience, and then got together with him […]

Gilberto Santa Rosa to Debut on Broadway

It’s always fun to do something for the first time. That’s what Gilberto Santa Rosa is doing. El Caballero de la Salsa will make his debut on Broadway! He will sing in the musical “Forever Tango” so this is also a totally different style for him!