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Gerardo Ortiz Arrested in Guadalajara

Gerardo Ortiz was arrested at Guadalajara’s airport on Sunday. As we reported, there was a warrant to detain him for inciting criminal acts – basically for the violent content in his music video. The singer was booked and later posted a 50,000 peso bail. We find it absurd that Mexico’s authorities are wasting their time […]

Gerardo Ortiz Arrest Warrant Issued

A warrant has officially been issued in Mexico for the arrest of Gerardo Ortiz. The official reason for his apprehension is for inciting criminal acts. In his music video for “Fuiste Mia” he murders the man his girlfriend is secretly seeing and then burns her alive. Sure, it’s not the most wholesome of music videos […]

Gerardo Ortiz Arrest Warrant Issued

Gerardo Ortiz is officially a wanted man. Mexican police have issued a warrant for his arrest for his ties with organized crimes – he apparently shot his video ‘Fuiste Mia’ at the home of a drug cartel leader. The authorities say they simply want to ask Gerardo questions and feel that this is the only […]

Gerardo Ortiz Denied Performance in Puerto Vallarta

Gerardo Ortiz is still deep in a scandal related with his latest music video. He is being accused of having ties with organized crime – the set of his latest vid is apparently the home of a drug cartel leader. Now, he is being denied performances as a result. He was supposed to sing at […]

Gerardo Ortiz’s Music Video Model Poses For Playboy

Gerardo Ortiz‘s latest video, “Fuiste Mia”, has been so controversial and so talked about that it has made a star out of the model who starred in it. Tracy Saenz plays Gerardo’s girl in the video. Her character ends up hooking up with another man and she’s later burned alive by the singer. Her fame […]