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Gerardo Ortiz Rationalizes Eduardo Yáñez Slapping Reporter

There is one person that is supporting Eduardo Yañez. While most are blasting him for slapping a Univision reporter on a red carpet, Gerardo Ortiz is seemingly patting him on the back. In an Instagram post about the slap, Gerardo commented “Eso les pasa por metiches.” Most others jumped in to insult Gerardo for applauding […]

Gerardo Ortiz Drinking With Buddies Before Canceling Show

The plot thickens!! Gerardo Ortiz was supposed to perform in Philadelphia on Saturday night, but canceled right before he due on stage because, according to his team, he wasn’t feeling well. His fans went CRAZY and destroyed the venue (see video here)! What’s interesting is that Gerardo published this photo on Instagram just hours before […]

Gerardo Ortiz Fans Go Nuts When He Cancels Performance

Gerardo Ortiz was set to perform in Philadelphia on Saturday – but he never made the show. He canceled last minute and, according to his reps, it was due to health issues. Apparently, Gerardo wasn’t feeling well. The fans didn’t take the news so nicely. They reacted with violence and rage and destroyed the venue!! […]

Gerardo Ortiz Reveals Album Cover Inspired by Recent Controversy

Gerardo Ortiz has revealed his new album cover and it’s pretty epic. The new production is called “Comeré Callado” and the imagery of the cover is totally inspired by his latest legal battle. His eyes are censored with a black bar and his mouth is shut with a lock – this is referring to his […]

Gerardo Ortiz Not Permitted to Work in Mexico For Now

Gerardo Ortiz can’t catch a break! After being arrested in Guadalajara for inciting a crime through his music video, the singer continues to be under the watchful eye of the law. It’s being said that he entered Mexico with tourist intentions…meaning he isn’t supposed to work while in the country. The singer was born in […]