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Shakira Asked Boyfriend For Permission to Shoot Sexy Video With Rihanna

Shakira got her boyfriend’s permission to shoot the sexy video with Rihanna! She told Ryan Seacrest:

Milan Taking His First Steps

They grow up too fast!! Shakira‘s son is now taking his first steps! Milan was seen walking with his paternal grandparents and just strolling along on his own two feet – of course with some hand support from grandpa. Too adorable.

Milan Introduced to First Horse Experience

We didn’t think Shakira and Gerard Pique would be sharing this much of their son, Milan, but they are. Almost everything he does is being documented and published on the social media of mommy and daddy. The latest? His first experience on a horse. This is becoming like the movie “The Truman Show” where the […]

Shakira and Gerard Pique Making Out While Swimming With Dolphins

Shakira and Gerard Pique have been enjoying some vacay time recently. They’re mixing adventure with romance – just like we see here kissing while swimming with a dolphin. Or maybe it’s a threesome with a dolphin. We can’t really make out what’s happening underwater!

Shakira’s Son Milan Travels in Style

Living the life! Shakira‘s son, Milan, is already used to traveling all over the place. He’s constantly between Barcelona and Los Angeles – and many other cities. Of course, he isn’t traveling like most of us do. Milan travels in a private jet! Check him out getting ready for another flight. We want to be […]