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Geraldine Bazan and Gabriel Soto Talk Divorce Rumors and Couple Crisis

Divorce for Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazan?? They’ve only been married for less than two months but there is speculation that they are headed to splitsville over the photos of Gabriel on the beach with Marjorie De Sousa. Geraldine, however, says otherwise. She spoke about the rumors and mentioned that it is too ‘premature’ to […]

Geraldine Bazan Insists She Didn’t Mean to Insult Venezuela

When Geraldine Bazan made her first statement about the Gabriel Soto/Marjorie De Sousa pics, it sure sounded like she meant to insult Marjorie and ALL OF VENEZUELA since that is where Marjorie is from! She insists that she did not mean to attack…Venezuela. Geraldine wrote an open letter on Facebook saying: “Hay algo que me […]

Marjorie De Sousa Says She Wouldn’t Mess With a Married Man

Marjorie De Sousa is defending herself! After initially deciding not to make any comment regarding the photos of her with Gabriel Soto on the beach, the actress is now speaking up. She clarified that she did not go to the beach alone as the pics allude to. Marjorie says they were with friends from the […]

Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazan Not Together on Social Media

Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazan seem to have hit a rough patch…just weeks into their marriage! The photos of Gabriel on the beach flirtatiously playing with Marjorie De Sousa apparently has taken a toll on their relationship. Gabriel and Geraldine have both spoken about the incident. He has apologized and she has said he is […]

Geraldine Bazan Talks Gabriel Soto and Marjorie De Sousa Pics

Geraldine Bazan talked to “Sal y Pimienta” to discuss the flirtatious pictures on the beach showing Gabriel Soto carrying a bikini-clad Marjorie De Sousa. She said: “Pobre Marjo, definitivamente no me gustaría estar en sus zapatos. Le ha tocado recibir insultos de pe a pa. Como no es mexicana, no sabe que México es un […]