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Nuestra Belleza Latina Josephine Ochoa Presents Her Girlfriend

“Nuestra Belleza Latina” contestant Josephine Ochoa has come out of the closet. She posted a photo on Instagram kissing her girlfriend with the caption “Your energy is irreplaceable! Love you bebita.” After receiving positive messages from her fans, she wrote “Thank you for your comments on my last photo! šŸŒ¹ I’ve always been a transparent […]

Alejandro Tommasi and Oscar Alberto Ruiz Accuse Each Other of Violence

Lots is being said about the fallout of Alejandro Tommasi and Oscar Alberto Ruiz. Oscar Alberto says he left town for a few days and when he got back he caught Alejandro doing drugs and hooking up with young men. He also told a Mexican newspaper “No estoy bien, esa es la realidad. DescubrĆ­ que […]

Becky G Power Ranger Character is Gay

Becky G‘s character in the upcoming ā€œPower Rangersā€ reboot is gay. In fact, the film will be the first major motion picture to feature an LGBTQ superhero. Director Dean Israelite revealed to “The Hollywood Reporter” that Yellow Ranger Trini will be a queer character. In a ā€œpivotalā€ scene in the movie, Trini will be struggling […]

Christian Chavez Mom Writing Book About His Coming Out

Christian Chavez‘s mom is coming out with a book. The former RBD singer revealed that his mother has written a book about her own experience in finding out her son’s sexual preference. She hopes that her story will help other parents facing the same situation. We’re sure there are plenty of people out there – […]

Alfonso Herrera Denies Being Gay

There are rumors that Alfonso Herrera is gay…simply because he played a homosexual character in the movie “Sense 8″. There are scenes in which he is in bed with actor Miguel Angel Silvestre and certain media are saying that this is his way of slowly coming out. Poncho spoke about this with “Shangay” magazine, saying: […]