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Almighty Comes Out as Bisexual on Instagram

Urban music artist Almighty surprised his fans by saying he is both into women and men. There was a post on his official Instagram with the words “Soy bisexual y amo a los hombres no me juzguen.” Some time later it was deleted but the fans had already seen it. The media has reached out […]

Disney Actor Fernando Dente Comes Out as Gay

A Disney actor has come out of the closet. Fernando Dente, who participated in the hit series ‘Violetta’ and the Argentinian version of ‘High School Musical’ has revealed that he is gay. He share the news on social media saying ““Hace muchos años que mi sexualidad dejó de ser un ‘tema’ en mi vida. Si […]

Luis Sandoval Comes Out as Gay on Despierta America

Luis Sandoval has come out as gay. The ‘Despierta América’ Los Angeles correspondent visited the Miami set to officially declare his sexuality. Luis said “Hoy es un día muy importante para mí, el día de hoy decido compartir mi historia públicamente. Señoras y señores, yo, Luis Sandoval, soy gay, soy feliz, soy una persona plena, […]

Ricky Martin Wishes His Kids Were Gay

Ricky Martin wishes his kids were gay. The singer recently stopped by ABC’s “Popcorn with Peter Travers” and spoke about several things, including his own kid’s future sexualities. He said “I don’t know, my kids are too young, but I wish they were gay…it is a very special thing. The sensitivity, the way I see […]

Adela Micha Asks Andres Zuno If He is Gay

Adela Micha asks what she wants. In a sit-down interview with actor Andres Zuno, she flat out asked if he is gay. He answered “Pues no, todavía…” So she asked if he had a girlfriend to which he answered that he doesn’t have the money to have a GF – and she joked that she […]