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Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta Diss Atala Sarmiento

Did Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta diss Atala Sarmiento?? Looks like it!! Atala was the guest on “Hoy” on Thursday but neither Gali or Andrea were present today. It’s not secret that Galilea and Andrea don’t like Atala because of the rumors and gossip she has spread about them in the past – which is […]

Galilea Montijo Sticks Up For Her Tattoos

Galilea Montijo is sticking up for tattoos. The TV host was getting some backlash for her numerous tats, but she didn’t take it sitting down. She wrote the following message on social media: “No es explicación lo que voy a escribir: los tatuajes no te hacen mala persona, así como las corbatas tampoco te hacen […]

Galilea Montijo Rolls Royce in Pic Not Hers Just Rented

Did Galilea Montijo get a Rolls-Royce as a Christmas gift?? That short answer is…no. A couple of week ago, there was a rumor that her husband had gifted her the expensive car – after the two of them posted a photo in Miami giving the peace with DJ Khaled casually posing in the background. There […]

Galilea Montijo Calls Out Yuri On Gay Adoption Stance

Galilea Montijo called out Yuri on “Hoy” for her comments on homosexuals adopting kids. Yuri believes gays should not be able to adopt children – but Gali sees it differently. She said “por más figura pública que seas, no te da derecho a juzgar”. On Hoy, she went off on the subject adding “Debemos respetar, […]

Galilea Montijo Shares News of Hoy Producer Earthquake Tragedy

Galilea Montijo gave some tragic news on “Hoy” that has to do with one of her coworkers. The son of one of the producer’s of the show died in the earthquake. The seven-year-old died when his school, Colegio Enrique Rebsamen, came crumbling down on students and faculty due to the 7.1 earthquake. Gali shared her […]