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Gaby Spanic Fans Say They Don’t Recognize Her Anymore

Gaby Spanic fans are coming down hard on her for what appears to be changes to her face. The actress posted a new pic – in which she looks emotionless and frozen. Her followers called her out on getting procedures done and going overboard with facial alterations. She does look off here…what do you think??

Gaby Spanic Releases Calendar

Gaby Spanic wants to be with you this entire year, month by month. She has released a calendar for 2019 and it’s titled Plenamente Gaby Spanic. So if airbrushing is your thing, you’ve got Gaby’s calendar to join you all 2019.

Gaby Spanic Talks About Her Wanting to Return to TV

Gaby Spanic wants to come back to TV but feels she isn’t wanted by producers. She told Mexican media “no me lo pierdo yo, se lo pierden ellos”. Good attitude to have but it can also come across as arrogant and who wants to work with that?! Gaby told the press that she has a […]

Gaby Spanic Says Someone is Out to Kill Her and Son

Gaby Spanic says someone is out to do physical harm to her and she fears for her life and that of her child’s. The actress spoke with “Suelta La Sopa” and revealed that ‘a crazy person’ has threatened to kill her son, has thrown bricks through the windows of her home, and has followed her […]

Gaby Spanic Blasted After Showing Face Close Up on Instagram

Gaby Spanic is being criticized for her face on Instagram. The actress made the mistake of doing a makeup tutorial on the social media site – and when she got close to the camera to show how to make lips look even fuller, she was blasted. Fans were given an up close and personal look […]