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Gaby Espino and Arap Bethke Get Romantic on Twitter

Arap Bethke and Gaby Espino are taking their romance to the public realm of social media. The two have been tweeting back and forth in a lovey dovey way. She tagged him on Twitter and said “Ya casi” to which he responded “Me urges”…and then Gaby said “Tu a mi.” If this stuff makes you […]

Gaby Espino Thanks Jencarlos Canela on Father’s Day

Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela have long been done as a couple…but they are still committed parents to their son. In fact, she didn’t think twice about thanking him on social media on Father’s Day. She wrote: “GRACIASSS por tanto Jencarlos… Gracias por ser el papá q eres para nuestros hijos. Y q a pesar […]

Arap Bethke and Gaby Espino Are Dating

It’s been rumored…and not it’s confirmed. Arap Bethke and Gaby Espino are seeing each other. He told “People En Español”: “Estamos apenas empezando a conocernos un poco más…estamos muy felices…La clave es tener una buena comunicación.” He didn’t go into detail about their relationship and didn’t want to say how long they’ve been an item.

Gaby Espino Sexes Up Premios Billboard With Just One Arm

We don’t know how she does it, but Gaby Espino ALWAYS looks impeccable on the red carpet. She wore a skin tight white dress that cracked open to reveal her skin tone underneath. No cleavage and no leg…this time her sexy reveal was one arm.

Gaby Espino Proud of Jencarlos Canela

If you think there is any negative drama between exes Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela, then you’re wrong. The Cuban actor’s new series, “The Passion”, debuted on FOX and Gaby had some choice words for him. Really nice words! First, she told all of her fans to tune in – then she said she was […]