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Gabriel Soto Slams TV Notas

Gabriel Soto is pissed and isn’t staying quiet about it. TV Notas published a story in which they alleged that Gabriel Soto had a lovechild. The magazine claims the actor had an affair with a makeup artist while still married to Geraldine Bazan which resulted in a third daughter for him. Well, he had enough […]

Irina Baeva Says She is Just Friends With Gabriel Soto

So are Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva hooking up?? It’s been rumored that their hidden romance could be one of the reasons for his and Geraldine Bazan‘s divorce. However, Irina is saying otherwise. She says that that she and Gabriel are simply friends. She told “Hoy” that “Realmente no hay mucho qué aclarar, Gabriel es […]

Geraldine Bazan Talks About Split in YouTube Video

Geraldine Bazan has broken her silence and is talking about her split from Gabriel Soto. In a YouTube video titled “Desde el Fondo de mi Corazon”, she opens up about what is going on in her life, in her divorce from Gabriel, and just how she’s feeling overall. She says a lot and nothing at […]

Gabriel Soto Admits to Being Unfaithful But a While Back

Gabriel Soto admits that he was unfaithful – but it’s not what you think. The actor talked to “Hoy” for the first time since confirming that he and Geraldine Bazan are divorcing. He said “Cometí errores, soy ser humano, cometí errores, intenté luchar para salvar mi relación con ella desde hace muchos años. Hace mucho […]

Gabriel Soto Continues Denying Being Marjorie De Sousa Baby Daddy

Gabriel Soto wants to make it clear once and for all…he is NOT Marjorie De Sousa‘s baby daddy! Now that it’s been confirmed that he and Geraldine Bazan are getting divorced, people are wondering if there is any truth to him being the father of Marjorie’s son. He says no. On “De primera mano”, host […]