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Frida Sofia Reunites With Her Father

Frida Sofia shared a very important moment in her life. She had been estranged from her dad, Pablo Moctezuma, and the two recently reunited. Along with the video, Alejandra Guzman‘s daughter said: Happiness is a choicešŸŒŸYou can choose to drag your bad times with you, they’re heavy. Sometimes you need to let go and forgive […]

Alejandra Guzman Helps Boost Daughter Fitness Challenge

Alejandra Guzman‘s daughter, Frida Sofia, is trying to start a positive challenge on social media and she’s got her mom’s support to kick it off. The two posted a boomerang showing off their toned bodies with the hashtag #NOHAYEXCUSA – which Frida is promoting to get her fitness biz going. Looks like abs run in […]

Frida Sofia the Hot Babe in Larry Hernandez Music Video

Frida Sofia booked a new gig. She is the hot babe in Larry Hernandez upcoming music video. The Regional Mexican singer says it’s an honor to have her in his vid. Last thing we heard of Frida is that she split from her husband…so we’re glad to see her focus on work and looking great!

Frida Sofia Husband Reportedly Hit Her

Frida Sofia and Luis Escamilla secretly tied the knot in 2015…and it appears that that have also secretly separated. “TV Notas” reports that Alejandra Guzman‘s daughter originally left her husband because he was physically abusive. Apparently, they got back together but later split again when he hit her on another occasion. A source told the […]

Frida Sofia Goes Naked on Instagram

Frida Sofia got naked on Instagram! She strategically posed to not show a thing while being completely nude – but still! Frida posted something about the naked body being a form of art. We agree…but it’s also a great way to go up in number of followers!!