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Francisca Lachapel Putting Pause to Despierta America

Francisca Lachapel will no longer be on ‘Despierta America’…well, for now at least. The ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ winner is taking some time off from the show to take on another project. The only thing that she has confirmed is that she will be taking on the role of the toothless disheveled Mela la Melaza in […]

Francisca Lachapel is Engaged

Francisca Lachapel is on an unforgettable vacation. She and her mystery boyfriend are in Dubai where he proposed to her. While she has kept his identity a secret and hasn’t really shared many details on it, she wanted to share the special moment with her followers. She said she was thankful to have him in […]

Francisca Lachapel Confirms Relationship But Won’t Reveal With Who

Francisca Lachapel has confirmed that she has a boyfriend. The television show host admits that she is in love with a man she hopes will be the father of her future kids. Surprisingly, she doesn’t want to tell anyone who he is. In fact, the decision comes from his end. He apparently does not want […]

Francisca Lachapel Comes Out With Her Own Perfume

Francisca Lachapel has her own perfume now! The “Despierta America” host has come out with a fragrance called ‘Be Authentic’ – and she says she has been working on it for a year. Francisca talked about how she always had dreams of having projects like this so she could provide for her family and succeed […]

Francisca Lachapel Bitten by Dog on Live TV

Francisca Lachapel got viciously attacked by a dog on live TV!! OK, it wasn’t that bad. El Dasa was on “Despierta America” and Francisca was doing a sketch and starting dancing with the singer. That’s when Dasa’s dog, Benito, jumped up from the excitement and started play biting. Francisca laughed it off but jumped on […]