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Fernando Del Solar Not Friends With Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo

Fernando Del Solar clearly did not get along with cohosts Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo on ‘Hoy.’ He left the morning show after just three months, because he had only been hired for that trial period. There was talk that he didn’t click with Andrea and Galilea – and he is confirming that now while […]

Fernando Del Solar Officially Out of Hoy

Fernando Del Solar is out of “Hoy” – just like we told you! The TV host announced his departure – saying he is grateful for his time on the show. For joined the morning program three months ago when producer Magda Rodriguez took over. For his goodbye Fer said “Nos prometimos tres meses, quedamos con […]

Fernando del Solar Quits Hoy

It’s being said that Fernando del Solar has quit “Hoy”. The TV host has apparently informed production that he wants out. Neither Fernando or the show have confirmed the news…they are apparently trying to work things out right now.

Fernando del Solar Has Found Love Again

It had been a rough last few years for Fernando del Solar, but it looks like things are finally looking up. He seems to be in control of his battle with cancer and his heart has found a new love. The presenter said there is a special someone that came into his life unexpectedly and […]

Fernando Del Solar Works Out Custody Issues

Fernando Del Solar is once again on good terms with his ex. For a while there he and Ingrid Coronado were fighting over money and their kids…but he says they have resolved their issues. He didn’t give details over the monetary agreement, but says he gets his children every other weekend and sees them on […]