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Fernando Colunga Delivering Pizzas in Chicago

Who wouldn’t want a pizza delivered from Fernando Colunga?? Check out this photo that we got of the novela actor shooting scenes of Porque el Amor Manda in Chicago. His character comes to the US in search of the American dream and delivers pizza to make a living. So, LatinGossipers in Chicago keep your eyes […]

Fernando Colunga Drives International Novela Sales

So how big is Fernando Colunga? How popular is he?? Well, let’s just say HUGE! LatinGossip has learned that his new novela Porque El Amor Manda, costarring Blanca Soto, has been sold in 57 countries! All of this even before the debut. Yup, it’s hasn’t even aired yet and it’s already drawn major international interest […]

Fernando Colunga & Blanca Soto Pray For Novela

A few weeks ago, we told you that Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto were cast as the leads in the novela Porque El Amor Manda. Well, they have officially started shooting and the day before they kicked off the scenes on the set, the actors gathered at a special mass to bless the telenovela and […]

Fernando Colunga & Blanca Soto in New Novela

It’s Blanca Soto and Fernando Colunga! The two have JUST been confirmed as the protagonists of the new Juan Osorio novela Porque el Amor Manda. This is the first time that either of them do a comedy telenovela. Interesting combo! What do you think about these two as the lead couple??

Fernando Colunga Will Receive Supernova Award

Premios Juventud will recognize Fernando Colunga! He will be presented with the Supernova Award for his more than 20 years of successful career. He started his career in 1990 and has participated in more than 70 productions including television, theater, and film. Congrats!