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Farruko Says He Forgot to Declare 50 Thousand Dollars

Farruko says he simply forgot to declare over 50,000 dollars cash that he had on him. As you know, the Urban music star was arrested in Puerto Rico after arriving to the island with 51,000 dollars he failed to tell the authorities about. He says he was so tired that he overlooked the paperwork to […]

Farruko Arrested at Airport in Puerto Rico

Farruko was detained at the airport in Puerto Rico. Federal agents arrested the urban music star when he arrived from a trip to Dominican Republic. It’s unclear why he was taken into custody – however the preliminary reports suggest that it has to do with unclaimed money. It’s being said that Farru had about 51,000 […]

Farruko Second Son Has Arrived

Farruko is a daddy all over again. His second child was born…a boy named Keylon Wayne! The singer says he was hoping for a girl but he is so grateful for his second son…and is excited for his older boy since he now will have a sibling to grow up with. Farru shared the news […]

Farruko Does Biggie Smalls at Premios Juventud

This is TBTHH – Throwback Thursday Hip Hop! Farruko seemed to be inspired by Biggie Smalls in the 1990s for his Premios Juventud look. We love it all…the buttoned up Versace shirt, the thick gold chain, and the dark shades. A good look for any day, especially for these premios!

Farruko Bitten by Dog He Tried to Help

Farruko to the rescue…and the hospital. The Puerto Rican star saw a stray dog that needed some help, so Farru approached the animal to see what he could do. He got too close though because the animal attacked and bit him. Farruko had to be hospitalized for the bite and to check for any possible […]