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Eugenio Derbez Getting Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

More and more Latinos on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Eugenio Derbez is next to get his star on the famous boulevard of celebrities. The actor told “Notimex”: “Estoy feliz y emocionado con esa estrella, en donde sin duda estarán acompañandome mi familia, mis hijos, mi esposa y mis amigos cercanos.”

Eugenio Derbez Sad With How People Are Treating Kate Del Castillo

Eugenio Derbez traveled to Mexico to attend an event and the press asked, of course, about Kate Del Castillo‘s interview with El Chapo. He said: “El hecho de ir hasta allá, hasta donde fue ella a encontrarse personalmente con él, fue peligroso y eso sí hay que valorarlo. No estoy seguro de que yo lo […]

Eugenio Derbez Gaining Weight For Next Role

While most of us work our butts off and diet like crazy to lose weight and stay fit, Eugenio Derbez gets to do the opposite. He is actually eating more than ever! The actor is trying to gain some weight for a new movie role. Apparently, production wanted him to wear a sort of fat […]

Eugenio Derbez in New Jennifer Garner Movie

Eugenio Derbez is really making it happen! We’ve known that he’s been in the eyes of Hollywood big-wigs and this is the result. The trailer to the movie “Miracles From Heaven”, starring Jennifer Garner, has been released and, yep, Eugenio is in it! CLICK HERE to watch!

Eugenio Derbez Gives Up Eating Meat on Mondays

Eugenio Derbez has given up meat on Mondays and wants us to do the same. He has teamed up with the Humane Society on a campaign about not eating meat one day a week – apparently, the impact on our health and one animal life as a whole is a positive one. Interested? Want to […]