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Espinoza Paz and Katy Perry Fashion Battle

One question. Who wore it best, Espinoza Paz or Katy Perry?? That’s all.

Celebrity Real Names Versus Artistic Names

It’s no secret that many stars don’t use their real names – instead of using an artistic name. Take for instance…Juan Gabriel, Chayanne, Ricky Martin, and others were born with different names. So here we share with you some of the birth names of our favorite stars – in some cases nowhere near the names […]

Espinoza Paz Sings Duet With Jenni Rivera Video

At his concert in Culiacan, Espinoza Paz remembered his friend Jenni Rivera. He sang a duet with a video of Jenni on the stage and the result gave us goosebumps. She was just with us a little over a week ago and now this is all that’s left. The realization is not easy to fully […]

Espinoza Paz NOT Retiring

Nevermind. After announcing he’d be retiring in 2013, Espinoza Paz takes his words back. The whole reason for his wanting to leave the music business was apparently due to shady business practices by his manager but, according to the singer, that is all now resolved. He wants everyone to know that he is going to […]

Espinoza Paz Releasing a Fragrance

His retirement is still a mystery, but this is for sure! Espinoza Paz is entering the celebrity-perfume market! Yes, that’s right…he is releasing his own scent on the world. This right here is the bottle and we started to call it the Esperfume but then realized it sounded way gross so decided against it.