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Espinoza Paz Shows World He is Hospitalized But That Is It

Espinoza Paz has been hospitalized but nobody knows why. The singer shared this image on Instagram stories and his fans responded with well wishes and theories about what happened to him. His followers assume he suffered some type of respiratory issue since he has the oxygen mask on. Espi has not provided any information.

Espinoza Paz Says Drug Traffickers Treat Him Well

Espinoza Paz says drug kingpins have always treated him well. He sat down for an interview with Jorge Ramos on “Al Punto” and he gave inside details on how he gets booked by those involved in drug trafficking. He said “No, pues te hablan. Tienes que decir que sí porque si no, tienes que ir […]

Espinoza Paz Records Duet With Rocio Durcal

Espinoza Paz and Rocio Durcal on one song together. Yes, Rocio passed away a decade ago – but thanks to technology this duet is happening. He received recordings of her singing “Desaires” and he laid his voice on the tune making it a posthumous collaboration for Rocio. Get this, the song was written by Joan […]

Espinoza Paz a Dad Again

Espinoza Paz is a dad again! The Regional Mexican star welcomed a daughter named Mariana and immediately jumped on social media to share a photo of his baby. Espi says he feels an immense happiness in his heart. This is Espinoza’s third child – he already has a son and daughter. For now the singer […]

Marc Anthony Declares Himself Espinoza Paz #1 Fan

Marc Anthony has declared himself a fan of Espinoza Paz…and that made the Regional Mexican singer fanboy like no other. Marc send him the following tweet: “Tu presentación de esta noche me dejó sin Palabras Espinoza WOW bravo…Me convertí en tu fan #1 Felicidades hermano!!!!!!” Espi’s response: “(9 eyes wide open emojis) dios mío!! Señor, […]