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Enrique Iglesias Stays Behind During Hurricane Irma

Hundreds of thousands evacuated Miami, but not Enrique Iglesias. The singer stayed behind and, at one point, got in his car to start assessing the damage left by the storm. We think Enrique got out on the streets to soon, but we’re just glad he’s ok. A post shared by Enrique Iglesias (@enriqueiglesias) on Sep […]

Enrique Iglesias Furious Over Shoddy Show

Enrique Iglesias has upset 30,000 fans in Santander, Spain over a show they deemed shoddy. In fact, the social media posts and videos that have come out since the concert call him a “fraud”, “shame”, and “embarrassment”. Enrique performed about ten songs and left the stage without saying goodbye. Concertgoers were still waiting many of […]

Enrique Iglesias, Rafael Nadal, and Pau Gasol Open Miami Restaurant

Enrique Iglesias and Rafael Nadal have taken their business overseas. Two years ago, they opened a the restaurant Tatel in Madrid with basketball star Pau Gasol – and this week they opened their Miami location. The three have plans to continue opening a few more Tatel restaurants around the world. Enrique said that coming up […]

Enrique Iglesias, Maluma, Wisin, Residente Take Over Kitchen

Talk about too many cooks in the kitchen…but this time it’s a good thing. Some of Sony Music’s biggest artists gathered in Miami on Thursday night and they got their hands dirty cooking! Who are we talking about?? Enrique Iglesias, Maluma, Wisin, Residente, and Kany Garcia. Don’t believe us?? Here’s the video… A video posted […]

Enrique Iglesias Shoots Video In Cuba

Enrique Iglesias has joined the list of the many celebrities who have recently traveled to Cuba. The singer, however, is there for “work”. It turns out he is shooting his video for ‘Súbeme la Radio‘ alongside Zion & Lennox and Descemer Bueno. He must really love Cuba because this is the second time he travels […]