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Eiza Gonzalez in Justin Timberlake Music Video

Look at what Eiza Gonzalez is up to!! She is in Justin Timberlake‘s new music video. The two shot the video this past weekend and the fans are going nuts seeing this unexpected duo together. It’s been a while since Justin has dropped music, so this could be epic for Eiza! Now all we have […]

Eiza Gonzalez Goes as Jasmine For Halloween

Who wants to take Eiza Gonzalez on a magic carpet ride?? The actress decided on Jasmine for Halloween this year. Eiza looks the part of the Disney princess…but many are saying she simply copied Kim Kardashian. She famously wore the costume last year. Hey, it’s a costume, not intellectual property!

Eiza Gonzalez Did Not Stop to Give Jorge Zarza a Pic

Did Eiza Gonzalez diss Jorge Zarza?? There is a video of Eiza leaving TV Azteca after being on the show “Hechos AM” and she is being followed by cameras and a large group of people. A “Ventaneando” reporter was asking Eiza questions as she made her way to the waiting vehicle to take her back […]

Eiza Gonzalez and Maluma Might be a Thing

Are Eiza Gonzalez and Maluma together??? It’s being said that the two have struck up a romantic relationship – which all started with a message on social media. Word is Eiza is into him for his looks, his music, and his popularity…and it’s being said that, for now, he is also all about it. The […]

Eiza Gonzalez Closes Twitter Account Over Rumors About Her Life

Eiza Gonzalez has said goodbye to Twitter! The singer and actress surprised her fans by shutting down her Twitter account without notice. Apparently, she is tired of the fake stories and rumors about her personal life that go around social media. It’s an interesting excuse considering she still has an Instagram account. Eiza says she […]