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Eiza Gonzalez Got Some New Ink

Eiza Gonzalez has got a new tattoo. The actress is sporting new ink on her body…specifically on her left arm. It seems to be a star and constellation of sorts. Anyone able to pick it out? What do you think of Eiza’s new tat?

Eiza Gonzalez Learns To Defend Herself

Eiza Gonzalez is in Cape Town preparing for a new role. The actress posted a video where she can be seen learning to kick some butt!. She said that she likes to learn everything and anything for work and if she doesn’t get hired again, at least she now knows how to defend herself. Very […]

Eiza Gonzalez and Josh Duhamel Are Over

Eiza Gonzalez and Josh Duhamel are over! The pair have parted ways after about five months of dating. They couldn’t make it through the summer! “The Daily Mail” reports that Josh himself confirmed the news while heading to his car after hitting the gym, telling photographers “If you are looking for Eiza, we’re done.” Well, […]

Eiza Gonzalez Dog Got Eye Removed

Eiza Gonzalez’s dog had to have her eye removed. The actress said that she normally doesn’t share private details about her life, but that it was such a hard day for her because of how much she loves her pet. She said “I saw my baby girl who I rescued 14 yrs ago and shared […]

Eiza Gonzalez Internet Explodes With Imperfect Pics

Eiza Gonzalez is being called out for showing her followers unattainable perfection…when her reality is not what it seems. Paparazzi shots (RIGHT) of Eiza on a boat, with boyfriend Josh Duhamel, are exploding on social media – mostly because of her bod. Eiza is seen looking fantastic, but definitely with some imperfections that are absent […]