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Edith Gonzalez With No Hair on Cover of Quien

Edith Gonzalez is on the cover of “Quien” magazine – beautiful with a bald head. She is posing front and center to talk about her battle with cancer. She’s been wearing wigs lately, but she opened up completely for this cover…and it’s an inspirational and motivational move for those going through a difficult time like […]

Edith Gonzalez Talks to Cancer and Tells It To Leave

Edith Gonzalez is facing cancer and we love her attitude about the whole thing. In an interview with “El Universal” shared about how she talks to the cancer, saying “Le hablo y le digo ‘ya vete de aquí’. Yo me lo tomo hasta con sentido del humor, nadie lo entiende, porque tengo un humor negro, […]

Edith Gonzalez Debuts Brunette Look

A new look for Edith Gonzalez! Gone is the blonde hair that we all know her for…now she’s a brunette. The actress posted pics of the new hair color and we’re really liking it! What do you think?? Do you prefer blonde or this new look???

Edith Gonzalez Reassures She is Fine Using Baby Deer Filter

Here’s an update on Edith Gonzalez‘s health directly from her. There’s talk that she is facing tough times because the cancer she’s been battling has come back stronger. That may all be far from the truth because the actress posted a cute video saying that her health is fine, thanking her fans for worrying about […]

Edith Gonzalez Debuts New Look After Cancer Reveal

Edith Gonzalez has a new look! The actress recently announced that she has been battling cancer and now she is showing up with a new hairstyle. Looking beautiful…but more importantly we hope her health keeps strong.