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Edith Gonzalez Has Cancerous Tissue Removed

Edith Gonzalez has been hospitalized. Doctors discovered cancerous tissue after she complained of abdominal pain. The actress underwent a surgery to remove the tissue in its totality. She explains that she’ll have to undergo treatment for a few months – which kind, we don’t know. Edith appreciates the concern for her health, but makes it […]

Edith Gonzalez Undergoes Gallbladder Operation

Edith Gonzalez was operated on. She had to undergo a procedure on her gallbladder. It was an emergency situation but she is doing fine. The actress is resting at home and recovering nicely.

Edith Gonzalez, Mauricio Islas, and Saul Lizaso Present Los Bravo

Novela news! Azteca Trece is about to premiere its latest novela “Los Bravo” and before it does it held a presentation for the press. Edith Gonzalez, Mauricio Islas, Saul Lizaso, and the rest of the cast posed for the cameras. The story is about a rich woman who loses everything after paying her dead husband’s […]

Edith Gonzalez VIDEO of Mugging in Store

LatinGossip reported that Edith Gonzalez and her husband were mugged while shopping. Well, it was all captured on video and we got it to show you. You can see the couple checking out sunglasses when a man approaches them, takes out what looks like a gun, and grabs the actress. He demands they hand over […]

Edith Gonzalez and Her Husband Mugged in a Store

Edith Gonzalez and her husband, Lorenzo Lazo, were robbed in Mexico City…in a store!! The actress and and her politician hubby were enjoying an afternoon of shopping when they were mugged in a shopping center in San Jeronimo. Thankfully, they are both fine but what a scary scenario! It seems nowhere is safe!