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Dulce Maria Shows Off Boyfriend

Dulce Maria has got herself a boyfriend and she is now showing him off to the world. She published this photo of the two embracing and said “Sin duda de todas las cosas bonitas que me pasaron en el 2016 la mejor fue conocerte.” His name is Paco Alvarez and he is a film/TV director […]

Dulce Maria Narrating Show For Animal Planet

Dulce Maria has got a new gig. The singer and actress is now a…narrator. She is the speaking voice on “El Mejor Amigo Del Hombre” – a show on Animal Planet about the relationship between man and dog. Singing, acting, narrating. Would that still be considered a triple threat??

Dulce Maria on Cover of Vanidades

Dulce Maria is on the cover of “Vanidades” magazine. We point it out because it shows a much more mature yet fresh side to Dulce. She’s not pretending to be 17, but still has that young vibe to her. Very Dulce!

Dulce Maria and Joey Montana Duet in the Studio

Look who’s working together! Dulce Maria and Joey Montana have recorded a song together. The Mexican singer and actress has teamed up with the Panamanian star on her latest album. “Volvamos” is the name of the song and Dulce says it’s a way to end on a high note while Joey says it’s an honor […]

Dulce Maria Reunites With Pop Group Jeans For One Night

Before RBD, Dulce Maria was in a Pop group called Jeans. She just had a reunion of sorts with the girl group at a concert in Mexico and it was a blast from the past for the fans. It’s been about 15 years since she’s been with the band, and she said: “Qué increíble fue […]