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Don Omar Cancels Concerts to Keep Helping Puerto Rico

Don Omar has pulled the plug on his concerts in Puerto Rico. He was supposed to perform at his home island on February 1, 2, and 3 – but he decided to cancel the shows. The reason being that he wants to keep focusing on helping the people of PR – many who are still […]

Don Omar Retiring After Next Tour

Don Omar is retiring…or so he says. The Reggaeton artist is kicking of a tour called “Forever King…The Last Tour”, which will serve as his goodbye from the stage. D.O. is starting to take his last bows with concerts in Puerto Rico in December. He also says he wants to offer ticket prices real low […]

Ozuna Says He Won’t Work With Don Omar

Ozuna has gone after Don Omar. The Puerto Rican Urban music star was on radio show “El Jangueo” and openly talked about his feelings on Don. He acknowledges that D.O. is one of the most talented and brilliant artists in Reggaeton, but he takes issues with his lack of respect toward his colleagues. Ozuna said […]

Don Omar Says He Never Had Scheduled Interview With Jackie Guerrido

Don Omar has an explanation for why he never did an interview with Jackie Guerrido last month. He says the interview was never set up! He told “Suelta la Sopa” that there was never a chat with her on his schedule. “Yo creo que nadie dentro de mi equipo de trabajo haya coordinado la entrevista […]

Don Omar Cancels Interview With Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido and Don Omar came face to face at a Miami radio station for what was supposed to be an interview…but it never happened because D.O. pulled the plug. Jackie and Don Omar are good with each other and both knew about the interview beforehand. She explains that, after saying hello, she waited to […]