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Patricia Manterola Joining Don Francisco on Show With Kids

We told you Don Francisco would be hosting a show with kids called “Siempre Niños.” Well, he’s not alone! The TV icon will be joined by Patricia Manterola. She did a great job on “La Voz Kids” and we’re thinking she’ll excel at this as well. Leave it to DF to be surrounded by beautiful […]

Don Francisco Debuting New Show With Kids Called Siempre Niños

What do you get when you combine Don Francisco and little kids?? A new show on Telemundo called “Siempre Niños.” The host had a segment on “Sabado Gigante” which had him conversing with kids and hearing their honest and hilarious responses. It appears they have taken that formula to create a full program about it. […]

Don Francisco Sings With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon had Don Francisco on his show in a totally random moment that we love! JF ‘summoned’ DF through music with the song “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” – and it turned into an epic duet. It’s most certainly a must watch!

Daniel Sarcos Becomes Don Francisco For Halloween

This is TOO good!! Daniel Sarcos‘ Halloween costume is…Don Francisco!! The costume is great, but it’s the stance that really makes it real.

Don Francisco and Rafael Amaya Do Their Own Carpool Karaoke

Don Francisco is about to debut his new show…in the meantime a sneak peek has hit the net. His first guest is Rafael Amaya and, as you can see, they’re doing their own version of “Carpool Karaoke.” They don’t even know all the lyrics of the Juan Gabriel classic they’re listening to – but Rafa […]