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Diego Torres to Play Bad Guy in Upcoming Movie

Diego Torres has a side relationship with film. We all know him for his music, but movies are also his passion. Next up, he’s acting in “Nunca Digas Nunca”, in which he’ll play a villain. He told “El Universal” the premise: “La película narra la vida de tres amigos que se dejaron de ver en […]

Diego Torres and Daughter Nina Want Families to Get Moving

Too cute!! Diego Torres has signed on to lead an initiative with Cartoon Network to get parents and kids to exercise and he isn’t doing it alone. He’s got the help of his daughter Nina, too! Just precious.

Diego Torres’ Daughter Home After One Month in Hospital

Nina is home!! Diego Torres‘ daughter was born a month ago, but she remained hospitalized this entire time due to the premature birth. Well, she is finally now healthy enough to be released and spent her first moments out of medical care. Diego thanked the hospital and immediately took this photo of his bundle of […]

Diego Torres is Now a Dad

He’s a dad!! Diego Torres is now a father to a baby girl! She was born on Tuesday and the singer couldn’t contain himself and immediately starting sharing the news with the world saying she is perfect and gorgeous! You may remember Diego revealed the pregnancy via song. We hope this excitement never dwindles when […]

Diego Torres Announces Baby News Via Song

Hay que celebrar… Diego Torres has revealed that he is going to be a daddy! The announcement didn’t come in a magazine interview or a press release…he did it via a song on YouTube! CLICK HERE to watch him and his baby mama sing the news about their having a baby!