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Chicharito Responds With Own Pic of Andrea Duro on Social Media

Chicharito and Andrea Duro are smitten for each other…and the proof is in their Instagram pics. First, she posted a pic of the soccer player calling him “a sexy man” – oh, by the way, he is shirtless in his shot. Well, Chicharito responded with a photo of Andrea on his IG – no, not […]

Andrea Duro Posts Shirtless Pic of Chicharito

Andrea Duro is already in bed with Chicharito – and letting the world know! She posted a photo of the soccer star shirtless in between the sheets and caption it “A sexy man” – and it seems her followers have agreed because the pic has over 25 thousand likes. Good for the two of them!

Jaydy Michel Stands by Rafa Marquez

Some fans are supporting Rafa Marquez…others are not. One person that is, is his wife Jaydy Michel. She published a message of full support to her husband, saying “Contigo en los momentos buenos y en los malos sin soltar tu mano porque #TeAmo y #CreoEnTi #MiAmor @RafaMarquezMX.” Rafa was accused of having ties with a […]

Rafa Marquez Denies Connection to Drug Trafficking

Rafa Marquez is denying any connection with drug trafficking. He held a press conference to let everyone know that his hands are clean. He said “Niego categóricamente ser parte de dicha organización. Comprendo la situación jurídica en la que me encuentro y de inmediato lo veré con mi equipo de abogados, pues aclaro que no […]

Rafa Marquez and Julion Alvarez Accused of Drug Trafficking Ties

Rafa Marquez and Julion Alvarez are among 22 people sanctioned for alleged ties to a drug trafficking organization, the United States Treasury announced Wednesday. The sanctions are the result of a multi-year investigation of the drug trafficking organization allegedly headed by Raul Flores Hernandez. It is the single largest such designation of a drug trafficking […]