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David Zepeda Posts Then Deletes Naked Selfie

David Zepeda got sexy then got shy. He published this photo on to Instagram and instantly his fans went crazy. In the pic, David is naked and the image creeps down to almost reveal his nether regions. The actor suddenly changed his mind and deleted the post – but it was too late. His fans […]

Angelique Boyer Playing Triplets in Lucero Novela Remake

Lots of news to cover here. First, Angelique Boyer is acting opposite boyfriend Sebastian Rulli yet again – this time in the telenovela “Frente Al Mismo Rostro”. Second, David Zepeda is also one of the leads of the novela. Third, Angelique says that this will be the last time she works with Sebastian because she […]

David Zepeda Gets Porn Offers

You knew this was going to happen, right? David Zepeda faced his XXX video leak in the best way possible. By admitting it, saying oops, and moving on. Well, the vid brought new attention to the actor. Several offers for pornographic productions have come his way as a result. Don’t go thinking David is now […]

David Zepeda Second and Final Part of XXX Video Leaks

Oh David Zepeda! Just when you thought his self pleasure porno video was a thing of the past… The second (and, safe to say, last) part of the video has leaked (get it?) onto the net – and this shows the grand finale. It’s David at his full climax moment. Ay ay ay. Some people […]

David Zepeda Not Taking Legal Action Over Leaked XXX Video

Looks like David Zepeda is just looking to put his porn video behind him. He won’t be taking any legal action – for now – against the person that filmed that vid and released it to the public. David said: “I’m not saying never but, for now, I am not interested in moving forward with […]