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David Bustamante and Paula Echevarria Split Up

David Bustamante and Paula Echevarria have decided to split up. The couple have been married for years and have a daughter together. It’s being said David has moved out of the home they shared and is living in an apartment he has near his parent’s house. The rumors about their separation have been around for […]

Operacion Triunfo Gang Hangs Out

Here they are!! The “Operacion Triunfo” gang are reuniting on stage to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the show. Well, the singers of the reality competition got together to start going over everything and amp up the hype. Here we see David Bisbal, David Bustamante, Rosa Lopez, and Chenoa enjoying some food and drinks. 15 […]

Banda El Recodo Joined on Stage by David Bustamante

What an odd pairing…but it totally worked!! Banda El Recodo traveled to Spain to perform and do media out on several television shows. They successfully took over their Mexican banda sound to the European country. During their concert, Spanish singer David Bustamante surprised everyone by coming out on stage and singing with the band. The […]

David Bustamante Puts on Cleats For Celebrity Soccer Game

Tis’ the season of celebrity charity games? We showed you the famous singers turned basketball players…in Spain they essentially did the same thing except it’s soccer. Singer David Bustamante was captain of his team and, as you can see, also goalie.

David Bustamante One Chic Daddy on First Day of School

Back to school fashion isn’t just for the kids! David Bustamante and Paula Echevarria took their daughter Daniella to her first day of school and both mommy and daddy impressed with their looks! They aren’t one of Spain’s it couples for nothing! Such chic parents!