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David Bisbal Writes Romantic Message For Soulmate Girlfriend

David Bisbal is dating a Venezuelan actress named Rosanna Zanetti – and even though it hasn’t been that long that they’ve been together, he’s already calling her his soulmate. The Spanish singer congratulated her on her birthday with a romantic message. It said: “Hoy es 15 de junio y sigue siendo territorio de los Géminis. […]

David Bisbal May Have a New Girlfriend

Does David Bisbal have a new girlfriend?? Looks like it! He arrived at Miami’s International Airport with a good-looking girl by his side. She quickly ran ahead of him when she saw the reporters and waited for him in a taxi. The reporters asked him about her, and he said: “No tengo nada que decir.” […]

David Bisbal Singing Theme Song of Corazon Que Miente

David Bisbal mixes it with a telenovela. He’s singing the theme song of the upcoming Televisa novela titled “Corazon Que Miente” – starring Thelma Madrigal and Pablo Lyle. David has basically become Televisa’s go-to guy for telenovela songs. This is his fourth time singing the main song of a production for the company. Maybe next […]

David Bisbal Defends Ex From Homewrecker Rumors

David Bisbal and Eugenia ‘La China’ Suarez are no longer dating, but they still have each other’s backs. Back in September, she defended him from claims that he was hooking up with prostitutes in Argentina. They had already broken up but she spoke nothing but wonders about him when asked about the hooker scandal. Now […]

David Bisbal’s Ex Girlfriend Defends Him Against Hooker Claims

You know you did something right when your ex talks highly of you!! As we told you, David Bisbal‘s name is being dragged in an investigation about prostitutes in Argentina – something he denies taking part in and is not happy about. His ex-girlfriend, Eugenia ‘La China’ Suarez, has come out to defend him. She […]