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David Bisbal’s Ex Girlfriend Defends Him Against Hooker Claims

You know you did something right when your ex talks highly of you!! As we told you, David Bisbal‘s name is being dragged in an investigation about prostitutes in Argentina – something he denies taking part in and is not happy about. His ex-girlfriend, Eugenia ‘La China’ Suarez, has come out to defend him. She […]

David Bisbal Not Happy Name Being Mentioned With Prostitutes

David Bisbal is not too happy right now. There is an investigation in Argentina that has to do with prostitutes and the singer’s name is being dragged into it. David is shocked about this – so much so that his team sent out a press release stating: “Ante dichas informaciones, manifestamos tajante y rotundamente que […]

David Bisbal Helping Rebuild Homes in Nepal

David Bisbal…there to lend a helping hand. The singer jetted off to Nepal to help those affected by the disastrous earthquake that destroyed the area a few months ago. He headed straight for the mountains to help rebuild over 300 homes for displaced families. David is also there to inject some happiness into the lives […]

David Bisbal Remembers Most Special Summer of His Life

It seems like David Bisbal has found himself! He’s been nonstop on tour and promo so it was important for him to take time off – and that’s precisely what he did this summer. Reflecting on the last several months, the Spanish singer said: “Este verano ha sido el más especial de todos los que […]

David Bisbal and Eugenia La China Suarez Break Up

That didn’t last as long as they had hoped. David Bisbal and Eugenia ‘La China’ Suarez have broken up. The couple is apparently on good terms though as they were at the same event on Sunday night – and when asked if they would greet each other, they both said yes. She has made it […]