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Daniel Sarcos Confirms Un Nuevo Dia Exit

Daniel Sarcos is leaving “Un Nuevo Dia” – he confirmed the news himself. He broke the news while on set with his cohosts, saying he was ‘separating’ from the show because he signed a deal with the La Lotería de República Dominicana and it would be impossible to continue doing both. Daniel released a statement […]

Rashel Diaz Sues Daniel Sarcos in Hysterical Caso Cerrado Skit

Ana Maria Polo, Rashel Diaz, Daniel Sarcos, and Christian Acosta have come together to create a hysterical case of “Caso Cerrado” and we are loving it! Rashel and Daniel are competing in the same category in Premios Tu Mundo so she sues him for some nonsense. La doctora plays the judge, of course, and Christian […]

Daniel Sarcos Becomes Don Francisco For Halloween

This is TOO good!! Daniel Sarcos‘ Halloween costume is…Don Francisco!! The costume is great, but it’s the stance that really makes it real.

Daniel Sarcos Plants Cheek Kiss on Camilo Montoya

Social media and mainstream went a little nuts with a particular video over the weekend. In it Daniel Sarcos plants a kiss on Camilo Montoya. The Telemundo hosts work together on “Un Nuevo Dia” so there is definitely a nice friendship there between the two. Really, it’s no big deal at all. The kiss is […]

Carlos Ponce and Daniel Sarcos Kiss on The Lips

Man on man kiss…but both of them are straight. Carlos Ponce was on “Un Nuevo Día” to talk about his new novela “Santa Diabla” and when saying hello to everyone he and Daniel Sarcos decided to salute each other with a kiss. Right on the lips! That’s one way to promote your project! CLICK HERE […]