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Daddy Yankee Releases Breast Cancer Song With Symphony Orchestra

Daddy Yankee has achieved one of his dreams. He has always wanted to record with the Puerto Rican symphony orchestra and he’s finally done it. The Puerto Rican superstar has released “Yo Contra Ti” – a song about fighting against breast cancer. He says it was emotional to meet cancer patients and work on lyrics […]

Luis Fonsi and Despacito Hired by Puerto Rico, Not Daddy Yankee

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee have the song of the year with “Despacito” – but there’s a little drama going on with the song right now. The Puerto Rican tourism board announced that Fonsi and “Despacito” will be included in their new campaigns to get people to travel to the island. The problem is…why not […]

Daddy Yankee and Maluma Collaboration Coming Soon

If you’ve ever wanted a Maluma and Daddy Yankee collaboration, get ready! The two took a photo before a show in Colombia and Maluma captioned it “Coming soon” – how soon?? We don’t know. They are both on the top of the charts with solo songs and with other collabs…a duet of the two could […]

Daddy Yankee Not Going Back to Venezuela

Daddy Yankee has no plans on returning to Venezuela anytime soon. At a press conference in Puerto Rico, DY said “En estos momentos no pienso ir hasta que se vaya Maduro del poder.” Many people are criticizing this decision since it is only hurting Venezuelan citizens and not the government necessarily. However, Daddy is probably […]

Daddy Yankee Not Cool With Nicolas Maduro Using Despacito

Daddy Yankee is not cool with the latest version of “Despacito” – and we agree. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is using the song – with different lyrics – to promote his own agenda in upcoming elections. Of Maduro’s use of the song, DY said: “¿Qué se puede esperar? de una persona que le ha robado […]