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Christopher Uckermann Saying NO to RBD Reunion

There is plenty of talk about an RBD reunion – unfortunately. Well, it’s probably not going to happen and it’s thanks to Christopher Uckermann. He says that those days are behind him because right now he is focused on making his own music and doing movies and series. So an RBD redo is out of […]

Christopher Uckermann : Premio Lo Nuestro 2012

Nice and mature realtor selling us a house. Christopher Uckermann left his alternative style at home for a more traditional look at Premio Lo Nuestro.

Christopher Uckermann Releases SOMOS Deluxe

Christopher Uckermann is going deluxe! He has released the deluxe edition of his album SOMOS. So, what’s the difference between this and the original album? CLICK HERE to read the story.

Christopher Uckermann Wants To Work With…

We’ve heard of some odd combos, but this one might top them all! WHO does Christopher Uckermann want to work with?? You’ll never guess. CLICK HERE to find out!

VIDEO: Christopher Von Uckermann : Sinfonia

Click above to view video. Remember we told you that someone stole Christopher Von Uckermann‘s music video?? Well, they’ve done a nice job of editing the leftovers and pieced together his video for Sinfonia. CLICK HERE to watch.