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La Malquerida Gets Three Alternative Endings

Talk about options!! “La Malquerida” is coming to its end in Mexico and it seems that Televisa really wants to please EVERYBODY! After the finale airs on television, will present THREE alternative endings for the novela. Not just one or two…three!

La Malquerida Puts Victoria Ruffo and Ariadne Diaz Fighting For Cristian Meier

Univision will soon be airing “La Malquerida”. The novela features Victoria Ruffo, Ariadne Diaz, and Cristian Meier in a crazy love-triangle. It’s story of Acacia, a young girl whose father is

Celebs Strike Funny Poses at One Fun Holiday Party

Office holiday parties are starting to happen all over the world – and that includes the entertainment world! Talent manager Luis Balaguer held his festivity in Miami and many famous faces showed up – like Giselle Blondet, Maria Elena Salinas, Christian Meier, Ana De La Reguera, Felipe Viel, Raul De Molina, Alejandra Espinoza, Karla Monroig, […]

Christian Meier Kicks Off Production of Cosita Linda

Venevision and Univision marked the beginning of production of its latest telenovela “Cosita Linda” with the traditional clapping of the clapperboard in Miami. Attending the event were executives from both companies as well as several members of the cast that is headlined by Christian Meier and Ana Lorena Sanchez. The story is about

Christian Meier Nasty Cocky Brother in New Novela

Christian Meier…arrogant, selfish, and conceited?? Yes, at least his character in the novela “Arranque de Pasión, la historia de Ela” is. He plays the antagonist, and Carlos Ponce‘s brother, who likes to win at any cost. Just looking at the photo, it’s very clear that Christian has the character down perfectly!