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Christian Acosta Named One of the Most Stylish Residents of Miami

Christian Acosta has become one of the most stylish men in the entertainment business – so it’s no surprise that “Ocean Drive” just named his one of the most stylish residents of Miami. Check out a part of the interview… The social media star and digital host for NBC Universal’s Telemundo welcomes the magazine to […]

Christian Acosta and Luis Coronel do No Thumbs Challenge

Christian Acosta is back at it…this time with Luis Coronel. The TV host invited the singer on this YouTube channel to do the viral ‘No Thumbs’ challenge. It’s fun and very cool to see another side to Luis. Did we mention it’s fun?? Watch the vid for yourself!

Christian Acosta a Star With Stars at Latin AMAs

Christian Acosta opted for a black suit with a subtle star print. The red carpet host knows that it’s the details that count. Stars on stars!

Rashel Diaz Sues Daniel Sarcos in Hysterical Caso Cerrado Skit

Ana Maria Polo, Rashel Diaz, Daniel Sarcos, and Christian Acosta have come together to create a hysterical case of “Caso Cerrado” and we are loving it! Rashel and Daniel are competing in the same category in Premios Tu Mundo so she sues him for some nonsense. La doctora plays the judge, of course, and Christian […]

Premios Tu Mundo Red Carpet and Backstage Hosts Announced

Telemundo is gearing up for an impressive coverage of Premios Tu Mundo!! First up, is the digital broadcast of the red carpet hosted by Christian Acosta, Patricia Zavala, Johann Vera, and Ximena Duque. The TV broadcast of the red carpet will be hosted by Rashel Diaz, Jorge Bernal, Elva Saray, and Quique Usales. Then all […]