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Alfredo Adame Says It’s Not a Crime to Have It Small

Alfredo Adame has seen better days. After a series of photos of his penis surfaced, he is now defending his honor and size of his…manhood. He says that last he remembers it is not a crime to have a small penis. Adding that the release of the images was a vicious and unjustified attack from […]

Juan Darthes Leaves Country After Being Accused of Rape

Juan Darthes has left the country. A few days ago we told you that actress Thelma Fardin accused Juan of raping her when she was a minor – and now he’s left Argentina. The actor took off to Brazil with his kids and was spotted by several people at the airport who took pics of […]

Michelle Renaud Claps Back at Those Who Call Her Son a Girl

Michelle Renaud posted a pic of her son, Marcelo, on Instagram and her fans thought he was a girl – presumably because of the long hair. Some fans seemed to innocently say that her daughter is beautiful while others flat out told her to cut the boy’s hair. Michelle responded with “Este es un mensaje […]

Francisca Lachapel Mystery Man Revealed

As we told you, Francisca Lachapel is engaged to marry her Italian boyfriend that she has been seeing for a while. He’s been kept a mystery but the media has done some digging and discovered his identity. Turns out his name is Francesco Zampogna and this is what he looks like! He is a former […]

Juan Darthes Responds to Thelma Fardin Accusing Him of Sexual Assault

As we told you, Argentine actress Thelma Fardin has accused actor Juan Darthes for sexually assaulting her when she was 16-years-old. The young star and her legal team have lodged a criminal complaint with Nicaragua’s gender-based violence prosecutor, she confirmed. Juan took to Twitter to deny the actress’ accusations, writing: “What was said is not […]