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Margarita Rosa Hospitalized For Overdoing Diet and Exercise

Margarita Rosa had to be hospitalized…and exercise had to do with it. The actress and TV host had to be put under medical care after falling ill – and she says that it’s because of her overdoing it with diet and exercise. Recently, she had been on the keto diet and also working out obsessively. […]

Alejandro Garcia Accused of Hitting Girlfriend Eileen Moreno (Graphic Video)

Alejandro Garcia is apologizing for hitting his girlfriend Eileen Moreno. She revealed pictures and video on Thursday which started an online movement to end domestic violence. In the video that was uploaded, Eileen says Alejandro hit her because she asked him for her passport so she could travel to Colombia. She is bloodied and in […]

Joshua Pauta Reveals New Girlfriend but His Ex Says Not So Fast

Joshua Pauta is in the middle of a love triangle of sorts…but he is explaining what happened. The comedian revealed that he has been dating Coral del Mar, better known as ‘La Jeva’ on social media. He also shared that he split with the mother of his two daughters a year ago. However, his ex […]

Fernando Carrillo Says he Asked Adela Noriega About Secret Baby

Fernando Carrillo is answering a longtime rumor about Adela Noriega. It has long been said that she had a secret baby with former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari – and now we may get a first-hand answer at the gossip. Fernando, in an interview for “De Primera Mano”, revealed that he once asked Adela about […]

Adria Arjona Engaged

Adria Arjona is engaged to be married. The actress, and daughter of Ricardo Arjona, shared the news on Instagram with a pic of the ring and the caption ‘A million times yes!’ Adria is now soon to marry a lawyer she has been dating in NYC. Congrats!!