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Ana Torroja and Maria Leon Make Out on Stage

Ana Torroja and Maria Leon of Playa Limbo haven given their fans something to talk about. After performing together onstage, the two embraces and locked lips. The crowd went wild upon seeing the girl-on-girl action. Check it out for yourself! A video posted by JavierPozaEnFórmula (@javierpozaenformula) on Sep 22, 2016 at 9:38pm PDT

Gomita Reveals Bullying by Laura G and Cecilia Galliano on Sabadazo

“Sabadazo” has come to its end…but the drama is far from over. Co-host Gomita has gone on YouTube to reveal that she was the victim of bullying – and those behind the name-calling and harassment were her colleagues Laura G and Cecilia Galliano. Gomita says that her goal was to simply make it to the […]

Miami Celeb Hot Spots – Where to Eat and Party Like a Star

Miami is the epicenter of the Latin entertainment industry and a favorite destination for celebs when they want to cut loose and be tourists. It is most definitely a playground for the biggest stars of Hollywood and Latin America thanks to its top restaurants, nightlife establishments, and lux hotels. Here we have the best places […]

Lord Discapacitado Fired From His Job After Handicap Spot Controversy

A man the Internet is calling ‘Lord Discapacitado’ has lost his job for thinking he was above the law. The Education Center of Puebla fired this man after he seemingly parked his car in a handicap spot without the proper pass. A young man confronted him and he responded with punches. Luckily, someone recorded the […]

Elizabeth Vargas Shares Details About Alcoholism

Elizabeth Vargas is dropping new bombshells about her excessive drinking in her memoir “Between Breaths,” and in a new sit-down with Diane Sawyer set to air Sept. 9. The ABC anchor reveals it was debilitating anxiety that spurred her drinking, which later got out of control. On her worst days, she would start drinking the […]