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Mario Bezares Goes Viral Thanks to XXX Video

Mario Bezares‘ name has become a trending topic on social media. The TV host has become internet famous after a XXX video allegedly of him receiving oral sex went viral. The setting takes place in an office with a lady that seems to be a secretary of sorts. It’s not confirmed that it’s Mario in […]

Demian Bichir Asks People to Vote…and Not For Trump

Demian Bichir is doing his part to get people to vote. He uploaded a couple of videos to social media to remind his followers about the importance of registering to make their voices heard. Demian said people shouldn’t allow others to make choices for them, and clearly took a jab at Trump by also saying […]

The Chupacabras Has Its Own Movie

The Chupacabras phenomenon lives on! There is an animated movie about the mythical creature out now in Mexico and, of course, we’ve got the trailer for you. Watch the sneak peek of “La Leyenda del Chupacabras” – just in time for Halloween!!

Pablo Azar Reveals He Drives For Uber While Acting in Novelas

Pablo Azar is an actor that has starred in several Telemundo novelas…but he is also and Uber driver. He spoke with “The New York Times” regarding his career and how he makes ends meet. He told the publication “Our fans from Latin America who watch novelas, they think we are millionaires and that we drive […]

Valeria Orsini Taking Digital Platforms by Storm

Valeria Orsini has taken over Instagram (with close to 4 million followers) and now she’s doing the same with “It’s For Real.” The Colombian/Puerto Rican/Italian model is inspiring and motivating with her sick figure and positive attitude. It’s no wonder she’s taking that next step in stardom. Check out what she’s got to offer – […]