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Americo Garza Says Karla Luna Daughters Call Karla Panini Mom

Karla Luna‘s daughters are now living with their father and her enemy, Karla Panini. As you know, Karla P betrayed Karla L by stealing her man – and, after Karla L died, Americo Garza scooped up his two daughters and took them to live with him. He talked to “TV Notas” to share pics and […]

Lili Estefan Apologizes For Seemingly Defending Eduardo Yáñez

Eduardo Yañez and Paco Fuentes were in the middle of the scandalous storm after Eduardo hit the reporter for asking personal questions on the red carpet – yet, Lili Estefan is also caught in the spotlight over comments she made…and now she’s apologizing. When Paco explained the incident on “El Gordo y La Flaca”, Lili […]

Karla Panini May Have Info on Karla Luna Missing Daughters

Karla Luna‘s daughters are still nowhere to be found. The whereabouts of the girls are still unknown after their father Americo Garza took them – and an amber alert was issued. Karla Panini, Karla L’s former cohost turned enemy, apparently posted something on social media saying “El tema de las niñas… es delicado y no […]

Rubi Ibarra The Famous Quinceañera Booed Off Stage

Looks like people are most definitely 100% completely done with Rubi Ibarra. You remember the quinceañera who got famous thanks to her viral video invitation…well, as you may know, she is now a singer. Rubi had a performance in Pachuca, Mexico and as she was talking to the audience, the crowd responded with boos. In […]

Michelle Renaud Angry at How Restaurant Robbery Was Handled

Michelle Renaud is angry with the Mexican police right now. Her restaurant in the country’s capital was broken into by a thief – but the alarm went off and the authorities were able to detain him. However, Michelle came to find out that the police let him go because they did not have sufficient evidence […]