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El Chapo Putting Series Lawsuit on Hold

El Chapo is putting his lawsuit on hold. The Mexican druglord was planning on suing Netflix and Univision due to the production of the series that bears the name of the Mexican mafioso. However, his lawyer now says that he spoke before he should have. They are not moving forward with the suit…but that doesn’t […]

Pastor Believes Fidget Spinners are Work of Satan

A video of a pastor has gone viral online and it’s because of his opinion of fidget spinners. Sure, the gadgets might seem pointless…but are they the work of satan? Juan Mariano Avalos says they are!! He claims that kids are forced to do a diabolical sign with their hands in order to properly use […]

Juan Jose Origel In Car Accident

Juan Jose Origel was in a car accident in Mexico City. He claims that it wasn’t his fault…but that instead the accident was caused by another driver that was distracted by a cell phone. He is wearing a neck brace for a few days – but he will fully recover.

Colombian TV Host and Model Arrested on Kidnapping Charges

Colombian TV host and model Paulin Karine Diaz Garcia has been arrested on kidnapping charges. The host of ‘Guía Magazín´ was leaving the studio when she was confronted by police and criminally charged in front of her shocked colleagues. She was apparently a key figure in the kidnapping and extortion of a businessman and lawyer […]

Kabah in Boat Accident During Video Shoot

The members of Kabah suffered an accident at a recent video shoot. The Pop group was on a boat working on images for their new single “Por Siempre” in Tulum, Mexico – when a giant wave came crashing down on them. The boat flipped over and they singers were thrown overboard. Several of them have […]