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William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez Being Lovey Dovey

What exactly is going on here?? Elizabeth Gutierrez put up a video on Instagram of William Levy telling her “Happy Birthday, baby” and then he pans over to her. She published the vid with the caption: “Miss you!!” and a smiley face with hearts. Soooo, does this mean they are back together?? Or are they […]

Jorge Gelpi Pagan Being Made Fun Of Over Sexy Selfie

You just never know with The Internet. Puerto Rican journalist Jorge Gelpi Pagan uploaded one of those ‘in bed selfies’ as he gave the cliche peace sign and now the whole island is making fun of him! First, his news coworkers followed suit to laugh at him by publishing their own black and white pics […]

Ricky Martin’s Kids Make Way From San Juan to Australia

Adorable times two! Ricky Martin‘s kids, Matteo and Valentino, were snapped at the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico by “Primera Hora” as they made their way to their flight to Australia to see daddy. The glasses, the camo…too cute!

Siempre Mujer Features Online Stars on its Cover

 This is just so with the times! “Siempre Mujer” magazine features three digital stars on its cover. YouTube sensations Yuya and Bully and social media/TV crossover hit William Valdes.  There is a new breed of celebrity and it’s growing on social media and the magazine is highlighting this new phenomenon.  We applaud them for this […]

La Original Banda El Limon in Deadly Accident

La Original Banda El Limon was involved in a tragic accident. The band was in Guatemala traveling on the bus when a car traveling in the opposite direction crashed against them. Unfortunately the three passengers in the car lost their lives. Nobody from the band or its staff was hurt.