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Chachita Passed Away

Evita Muñoz, better known as ‘Chachita‘, passed away. On Tuesday she died in the afternoon due to respiratory failure. She has been hospitalized for the last two months. Her husband says she was surrounded by her loved ones. Chachita began performing during the golden age of Mexican cinema and starred in countless TV, film, and […]

Chabelo to be Honored at Kids Choice Awards Mexico

Chabelo is getting honored. The longtime Mexican TV host will be recognized as a legen at the upcoming Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2016. He’ll be awarded for his lifetime achievements – and, in his case, that’s a lot. His career has spanned over 60 years and his show, “En Familia con Chabelo”, was on the […]

Richard Camacho of Boyband CNCO is Now a Father

Richard Camacho of boyband CNCO is now a father. The 19-year-old announced the birth of his daughter, Aaliyah, to the shock of his young fans. Teen idols, especially those crafted like this particular Univision reality-show group, are the epitome of youth and innocence. Well, that’s gone now that Richard is a dad. He says he […]

Pablo Escobar Mobile Game is Here

There is now a video game loosely based on the life of Pablo Escobar. “Narcos: Cartel War” is a mobile game that lets the user be the leader of a drug cartel. You have to decide whether to handle situations with force or to gain respect via loyalty. The setting is a luxury ranch where […]

Pope Francis Falls in Front of Everyone

Pope Francis fell and it was all captured on video. The leader of the Catholic Church was walking towards an altar to give his sermon in Poland when he tripped and fell to the floor. A group of senior Clergy members rushed to the 79-year-old’s aid and pulled him to his feet in front of […]