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Ingrid Coronado Falls on Live TV Because of Costars

Ingrid Coronado fell on live TV but it was her own costar’s fault. She was hosting Azteca’s morning show “Venga la Alegría” and the cast was playing a game of trying to pop a balloon by bouncing on it on a chair. Someone grabbed the chair from underneath her and she bounced right on the […]

Mich Duval and Carolina Miranda are Dating

Carolina Miranda and Mich Duval are dating! The “Señora Acero” actors were on “Don Francisco Te Invita” and were beating around the bush when asked if they’re a couple. Mich took it upon himself to reveal that they are dating by planting a kiss on Carolina. A video posted by Telemundo (@telemundo) on Dec 4, […]

Shannon De Lima Reappears on Social Media

Shannon De Lima has reappeared! Right before the whole Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony kiss, Shannon seemingly disconnected from social media. Well, she’s back and in the cutest of ways. She is seen in a new video kissing her adorable son. Chin up, Shannon! A video posted by SHANNON DE LIMA MUÑIZ (@shadelima) on Nov 30, 2016 […]

Carlos Bracho Lets Everyone Know He is Alive

Carlos Bracho is alive and well. A fake story spread like wildfire – and the end result was everyone believing he had died. The news became a trending topic on Twitter and when Carlos found out he responded with “Sí, para desgracia de los corruptos y cínicos polacos mexicas… sigo vivito y coleando.” His friends […]

Marimar Vega Would Love a Biopic Series on Her Dad

Marimar Vega is all about making a series about her dad, Gonzalo Vega. She said that since biopic series are so in right now that she would love to see one done on her actor father. Marimar did say that there would have to be one major difference with her dad’s series if it ever […]