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Xuxa Fan Dies Moments After Meeting Her

A fan of Xuxa died after getting to meet her. The Brazilian star visited Argentina and her fans were waiting for her at the Buenos Aires airport. One fan was so excited about meeting his idol, that he passed away moments after getting face-to-face with her and taking his pic. It was just too much […]

Barbara Coppel Pregnant Again

Barbara Coppel and her husband Alejandro Hank Amaya are having another baby. They’ve revealed it’s another boy and they’ve already picked a name, Kilian. The future mother of three said it took them by surprise, but they are overjoyed with the news. Their son Bastien was born just six months ago.

Tempo Sued by Baseball Player For Money Given For Book

Tempo is being sued for money he was given for a book he never wrote. The Urban music artist is being taken to court by baseball player Angel Pagan Figueroa – he claims he lent Tempo 100,000 dollars to write an autobiography and that they would split the profits. This was back in 2013…and still […]

Violeta Isfel Fired For Talking Back

Violeta Isfel was fired for talking back! The actress was participating in a play in Mexico and noticed that production was selling dates with her name on it – when she made it clear that she would not be present those days. So she spoke up to the producer of the show, but he did […]

Margarita Rosa Hospitalized For Overdoing Diet and Exercise

Margarita Rosa had to be hospitalized…and exercise had to do with it. The actress and TV host had to be put under medical care after falling ill – and she says that it’s because of her overdoing it with diet and exercise. Recently, she had been on the keto diet and also working out obsessively. […]