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Pope Francis Falls in Front of Everyone

Pope Francis fell and it was all captured on video. The leader of the Catholic Church was walking towards an altar to give his sermon in Poland when he tripped and fell to the floor. A group of senior Clergy members rushed to the 79-year-old’s aid and pulled him to his feet in front of […]

Karina Says Daughter’s Transition to a Boy Not Publicity For Her Career

Venezuelan singer Karina has been active on social media lately sharing details about her daughter’s transition to a boy. 11-year-old Hanna is now a boy named Xander and the process has been documented and shared by Karina online. Of the experience, she says: “Esto ha sido bonito porque sé que ayudamos a mucha gente, porque […]

Polo Polo Denies Having Alzheimer’s

Polo Polo isn’t sick. The Mexican comedian is doing a farewell tour and that seems to have sparked a rumor about his health. Several media outlets in MX are reporting that he is showing the early stages of Alzheimer’s – but he is denying it. Polo Polo says he won’t be answering any more questions […]

Platanito Sues Marcos Valdes For Sexual Harrasment

Platanito has gotten serious. The famous clown accuses Marcos Valdes, El Loco Valdes‘ son, of sexually harassing him via text. The actor send Platanito pictures of his ass fully exposed – and now has sued. He says it’s in the hands of the authorities now and hopes that Marcos gets sent to a psychiatric center […]

Gerardo Ortiz Apologizes to Women For His Music Video

Gerardo Ortiz is sorry. The singer has apologized to everyone offended by his video “Fuiste Mia”, especially to women. He said: “Mil disculpas a toda esa gente que fue ofendida por este video, un video que en realidad no se hizo con el pensamiento de llegar hasta aquí, de ocasionar este problema y sobre todo […]