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Erick Rubin Packs the Muscle

Bring in the muscle! His wife, Andrea Legarreta, is getting some heat over economics but this should deflect some of the attention she is getting. Erick Rubin has obviously been hitting the gym hard because his recent posts on social media show him bulging with veins and packing some serious mass. Maybe he is proud […]

OV7 Finally Reunite For Real

No need to do a ‘Where Are They Now’ on these guys now. OV7 finally got together again, all of them, in a very very long time. Between solo careers, pregnancies, and simply disappearing from the limelight – the group has had a very tough time reuniting. It finally happened over the weekend bringing back […]

Kate Del Castillo Didn’t Know About Rolling Stone Interview

It’s come down to a battle of ‘he said, she said’. A source told TMZ that, according to Kate Del Castillo, Sean Penn never told her about the “Rolling Stone” interview. She allegedly found out about it once they sat down with El Chapo. The source goes on to say that Kate’s intentions were to […]

Alfredo Cotto Quits Grupomania and Gets a Cold Response

After 23 years with Grupomania, Alfredo Cotto decided it was time to say goodbye and go at it solo. He knew it was going to be emotional to make the change, what he didn’t expect was how cold the response from his singing mates would be. Alfredo told “Primera Hora” that after he submitted his […]

Carolina Sandoval Having a Baby Girl

We told you Carolina Sandoval is pregnant – now we know the sex of the baby. The “Suelta La Sopa” host revealed the news on the show on Tuesday. She’s having a girl! Carolina already has a tween girl so there will be a difference in age but sisters will always be sisters.