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Carlos Villagran NOT Saying Goodbye to Kiko

Carlos Villagran wants to make it clear that he WILL continue to play the character Kiko…despite a headline story indicating he was saying goodbye to the character. The actor says there is no truth to him retiring the “Chavo Del 8″ figure…in fact, he has a full agenda with shows coming up. The confusion was […]

Carlos Villagran Not Playing Kiko Again

Carlos Villagran is saying goodbye to Kiko forever. The “El Chavo del 8″ actor has been playing the character for over four decades and is finally letting it go. His son spoke with the press and said that it’s time for Carlos to no longer play Kiko. One of the main reasons is that he […]

Fernando Del Solar Social Posts Makes Fans Think He’s Joining Hoy

Fernando Del Solar could be joining “Hoy” if fan theories are right. He posted a photo with “Hoy” host Raul Araiza and he himself called it a ‘suspicious’ photo. A day before that he also posted this quote on social media…”Lo que creía AYER; es tan distinto de lo que creo HOY.” Yet another possible […]

Mariana Ochoa Gets Emergency Root Canal on Vacation

This is no way to end a vacation. Mariana Ochoa took a few days off with her family – taking in the end and beginning of the years in Colorado. Well, that was all put on hold because she had to be rushed to the dentist. Mariana says she started feeling a terrible pain in […]

Ozuna Baby Boy is Born

Ozuna is celebrating the end of 2016 with a new baby! His wife gave birth to a boy named Jacob Andres Ozuna Melendez. This is the Urban music star’s second child…he has a daughter named Sofia. Ozuna says he is the happiest father in the world. Welcome to this crazy world, Jacob!