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Mariana Garza and Pablo Perroni Make Yoga Sexy

Holy toned physiques!! Can you do this…looking this good??? Actor couple Mariana Garza and Pablo Perroni showed off their hard bodies in this sexy yoga cirque pic! The two do work out together and take it very seriously…which is probably not a necessary statement considering we have the proof right here. Now we feel guilty […]

Heineken Put on a Show to Reveal the Legendary Side of Ordinary People – Sponsored

Last month Heineken put on a mind-blowing interactive theater show at New York’s The McKittrick Hotel. It was part play, part choose-your-own-adventure mindwarp, with an eclectic cast of characters who encouraged the audience to become a part of the show. When guests arrived, a few lucky attendees were invited to take on the challenge; to […]

Kinky Doing an MTV Unplugged

Finally! Kinky has been tapped to perform for an MTV Unplugged session! This makes complete sense and we’re excited to see what they’ll come up with for this show and recording. The unplugged session will happen in June.

Lidia Avila and Mariana Ochoa of OV7 Have Dual Baby Shower

This is cute. Lidia Avila and Mariana Ochoa of OV7 are both pregnant so they both decided to have a baby shower together. They each gathered their friends to celebrate the coming of new life! PS – Lidia is just days away from becoming a mom.

Mexicano Release From Jail Requested Because of His Health

Rapper Mexicano is still behind bars, but there is an official petition being requested to release him. “Primera Hora” and “Rubén and Company” report that it has to do with his health though no details were given. We should point out that Mexicano had a cancerous malignant mass on his tongue removed back in November […]