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Vico C Movie Premieres in Santo Domingo

The movie about the life of Vico C had its premiere in Santo Domingo and will soon be released to theaters. The autobiographical “Vico C: La Vida Del Filósofo” is said to show the best and worst moments in the life of one of the originators or Latin Urban music. The plot shows Vico’s humble […]

Cantinflas Grandson Blames Drug Use on Father

Gabriel Moreno Bernat, grandson of the legendary Cantinflas, says he is a drug addict thanks to his dad. He says Mario Moreno Ivanova was the one that introduced him to drugs, telling “Suelta La Sopa”, “Por mi papá. (Me dijo) que me iba a hacer hombre” Gabriel now lives on the streets of Tecamachalco in […]

Chabelo Pic With Young Actress Goes Viral

Chabelo has gone viral! A picture of the 82-year-old TV star with a young woman is making the rounds on the Internet and people are labeling him a playboy…especially since his shirt is unbuttoned and it seems he is trying to put on a sexy face. Turns out the photo is of actress Karla Cruz […]

Tanya Charry Gets Called Out For Photoshopping

Tanya Charry went to have dinner and posted a photo – as most people do. However, some of her followers noticed that the plate and table looked a little off. The odd shape of the plate and table has everyone assuming the Univision reporter retouched the photo and got caught. Yikes! Tanya, honey, you don’t […]

Brandon Peniche No Longer With Televisa

Brandon Peniche is out of Televisa! The TV network has been cutting costs lately and letting go of plenty of hosts, anchors, and actors lately. The latest to lose his exclusivity is Brandon. He revealed that he is no longer with Televisa. Brandon says he has signed with TV Azteca and looks forward to the […]