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Maria Jose Gave Birth to Girl Named Valeria

Maria Jose is a mom!! The former Kabah singer announced the birth of her baby with a message to her fans, saying: “We share with lots of happiness the arrival of our daughter “Valeria”. She was born today around 8:30 in the morning. Mauricio is super happy and the baby and I are doing well. […]

Ruben Aguirre AKA Profesor Jirafales Hospitalized

Profesor Jirafales had to be hospitalized. Ruben Aguirre, the actor made hugely famous for his participation in “El Chavo del 8″, was taken to get medical attention by his family. His son spoke with Televisa and swore that it’s nothing serious – just some dehydration and a bit of anemia. He spoke about his dad […]

Mariana Ochoa Out on Town With Baby on the Mind

When you’re a new mom, all you can think about is your baby. Mariana Ochoa of OV7 hit up a play and as she sat in the audience she tapped away at her phone – keeping a tight contact with home to make sure her child was OK. It’s tough to leave the little on […]

Oscar Jaenada Visits Cantinflas Star in Hollywood

Lots of people visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame but this moment is a bit more special than the norm. Oscar Jaenada, who plays Cantinflas in the movie about the legendary actor, visited Cantinflas star and posed next to it. Funny thing is the ads for the film are ALL over Los Angeles so anyone […]

Martha Heredia Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison For Drug Trafficking

Martha Heredia, the winner of “Latin American Idol” in 2009, was sentenced to seven years in jail. The Dominican singer was accused of trying to smuggle in heroin to the US in the heels of her shoes. She originally faced 20 years in jail – so seven isn’t that bad! At the final hearing, Martha […]