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Chiquis Rivera Reunites With Uncle Lupillo

It is no secret that the Rivera clan has had its share of feuds and estrangement among its members. Those days are in the past, at least for now. Chiquis, Lupillo, don Pedro, and Rosie Rivera were all in Miami for a taping of Don Francisco Te Invita and got together for dinner. It looks […]

Chiquis Rivera Says Jenni Rivera Apologized Via a Medium

Chiquis Rivera talked to a medium to get in touch with her mom and she told the details of the otherworldly conversation to ‘TVNotas.’ Chiquis said she was able to get a hold of Jenni Rivera through a spiritual médium, saying “Una amiga me recomendó a un médium; aunque al principio le dije que no […]

Chiquis Rivera Fans Accuse Her of Getting Work Done on Face

Chiquis Rivera fans are wondering if she got work done on her face! The singer posted a pic on social media to show off her eyelashes and lipstick – but her followers focused on something else. They immediately jumped into the comments to ask her what she had done on her face. Some flat out […]

Chiquis Rivera Claps Back at Haters With Skintight Pants

Chiquis Rivera is clapping back at her haters with his photo! The singer was bashed due to recent pics of her tight stage outfits – with people criticizing her weight and figure. Instead of hiding or covering up, Chiquis is doing the opposite. She posted this photo wearing skintight pants with the phrase “no porque […]

Chiquis Rivera to Chooses Jenni as Name For Future Baby

Chiquis Rivera is not pregnant…but does know what she wants to call her first daughter. Chiquis made a post online saying “Viva Jenni…mi futura hija” – which of course raised plenty of eyebrows. Moments later she edited the post and removed the name she revealed. Were people confused about her expecting or not, or was […]