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Chiquis Rivera Blasted For Her Lips on Social Media

Chiquis Rivera is being accused by her own followers of getting too much work done on her face. The singer posted this pic on Instagram and the fans were immediately split. Some were saying she looks beautiful and others blasting her for making her lips too big. The comments were a battlefield of back-and-forth so […]

Chiquis Rivera May Not be Able to Have Kids Says Lorenzo Mendez

The recent health scare that Chiquis Rivera went through could end up preventing her from having kids…this according to her boyfriend Lorenzo Mendez. He spoke to ‘People en Español’ and said “Ya nos habían dicho en Estados Unidos, que si queríamos un bebé [habría problemas] de los óvulos y todo ese rollo.” As we told […]

Chiquis Rivera Was Hospitalized Due to Incurable Desease

It appears Chiquis Rivera suffers from an incurable desease. As you know, the singer was hospitalized right before one of her concerts – and it seemed serious. Her sister, Jenicka denied that it was a publicity stunt and her boyfriend, Lorenzo Mendez revealed that it could be an ongoing issue with her ovaries. According to […]

Chiquis Rivera Doing Well After Surgery

Chiquis Rivera had to get emergency surgery after being hospitalized. According to the doctor who treated her, she underwent surgery due to endometriosis complications, but she is doing well. Her sister Jenicka Lopez informed her fans of her status. “My sister is doing a lot better, she did get out of surgery and everything came […]

Chiquis Rivera Hospitalized and it Could be Her Ovaries

Chiquis Rivera has been hospitalized and the situation could be more serious than her team originally thought. She was all set to perform in Morelia, Michoacan Mexico but canceled last minute because she fell ill. Her reps released a statement saying “Por medio de la presente les comunicamos que desafortunadamente Chiquis Rivera no pudo asistir […]