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Lupillo Rivera Reconnecting With The Riveras

Chiquis Rivera says Lupillo Rivera is getting closer to the family. As you know, Lupi is getting a divorce – but there is some good news in the mix. Lupillo is apparently reconnecting with The Riveras. Chiquis says that Lupillo has reached out to Doña Rosa and to Rosie Rivera, bringing him closer to everyone […]

Chiquis Rivera Reacts This Way When Told to Lose Some Weight

Chiquis Rivera responded in the best of ways to Raul De Molina when he insinuated that she lose some weight. The singer was on “El Gordo y La Flaca” and Raul touched on the subject of maintaining a certain weight. Chiquis said she fluctuates – going up and down on the scale. Raul said they […]

Chiquis Rivera And Lorenzo Mendez Engaged…Maybe

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez may or may not be engaged. He did propose. It was all caught on camera and aired in the reality show The Riveras. While promoting the new season of the reality, Chiquis said that although Lorenzo had popped the question, she wasn’t engaged at the time, but had kept the […]

Chiquis Rivera Seems to Send Lorenzo Mendez Ex a Message

Did Chiquis Rivera send Lorenzo Mendez‘s ex a message on social media?? It seems like she spoke directly to her when she got on Instagram stories to vent a bit. Chiquis said “Tenemos que entender que siempre va haber gente y mujeres y hombres ardidos, y es parte del show, es parte de estar en […]

Abigail Rivera Accuses Chiquis Rivera of Sleeping With Esteban Loaiza

Abigail Rivera, Lupillo Rivera‘s daughter, has come out on attack mode against Chiquis Rivera. She is angry over a response Chiquis gave the media about her – so she posted a video with very scandalous comments. Abigail says Chiquis is a weak-minded person that is the worst role model because she slept with her stepfather […]