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Chiquinquira Delgado Makes a Return to Acting

Chiquinquira Delgado is headed back to telenovelas. Well, for a hot second. She is joining the latest part of “Por Amar Sin Ley”. Chiquinetc said“ Voy a estar participando en esta nueva temporada de Por amar sin ley con un caso muy polémico de la vida real de acoso sexual.” She has been focusing on […]

Chiquinquira Delgado Daughter Also Hosting Premios Juventud

Premios Juventud is now the Nepotism awards!! We told you that Sofia Vergara‘s son is hosting the awards show – well, he’s not doing it alone. Chiquinquira Delgado‘s daughter will be hosting with him as well. And the award for Best Celebrity Offspring goes to…

Univision Lets Ladies Take Lead at PLN Red Carpet

The ladies are ready! Univision is celebrating 30 years of Premio Lo Nuestro with a strong female force hosting the red carpet. Lili Estefan, Giselle Blondet, Alejandra Espinoza, Myrka Dellanos, and Chiquinquira Delgado will be in charge of bringing viewers all the action. With all the movements in bringing equality to women in the workforce, […]

Chiquinquira Delgado Goes For Pink

We can’t tell if we like Chiquinquira Delgado’s dress or not, so you decide for us!

Chiquinquira Delgado Celebrates Jorge Ramos Career Milestone

Jorge Ramos is celebrating 30 years as a journalist on Univision…not an easy feat. His girlfriend, Chiquinquira Delgado, shared some nice words about theses successful three decades. She also touches on the first time they met and some personal details of his. CHECK OUT WHAT SHE SAID. Congratulations, Jorge!