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Chayanne Shows Off Still Sculpted Body

This is Chayanne now. Not a throwback pic…not a photo from over a decade ago. This is Chayanne now. He’s still got it and then some.

Chayanne and Son Share Shirtless and Ab-full Pic

Chayanne‘s genes are strong! Literally! The Puerto Rican singer posted a pic on social media that is heating things up. He worked out with his son, Lorenzo, and they weren’t shy about taking a shirtless pic for all to see. Is there such a thing as too many abs??

Chayanne Teaches Dance Steps in New Commercials

Whomever came up with this marketing idea, deserves a raise. Chayanne stars in a series of new commercials for a department store in Mexico – but instead of selling a specific product he is teaching the audience how to dance. The idea is for him to teach the boys and men out there a few […]

Chayanne Dances His Classic Tiempo De Vals With His Own Daughter

This is just amazing! The Chayanne song “Tiempo De Vals” is a staple at every quinceañera – it’s a classic song that the birthday girls dance to with their fathers. This past weekend, things came full circle for the Puerto Rican singer. His own daughter celebrated her fifteenth birthday and they danced to his song. […]

Chayanne Helps Fan Propose to Girlfriend

Chayanne is one awesome wingman! A fan of his wanted to propose to his coworker girlfriend – so he devised a plan that reunited all of the staff of his company in a meeting. There they watched a video in which Chayanne appeared talking wonders about his fan and how his girl should marry him. […]