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Charytin Goyco First Movie After Husband Died

Charytin Goyco wasn’t sure about getting back to work after her husband, Elin Ortiz, died – but she decided to do a movie and it’s now premiering. It’s called “Broche de Oro: Comienzos” and she plays Agatha, ironically a widow. Of taking on the role, she told “Primera Hora” that “Todos fueron tan amorosos conmigo, […]

Charytin Back With Univision

Charytin is back with Univision. The television network’s Puerto Rico division announced that Chary will be joining them for specials and interviews with top celebs. The blonde TV host worked with Univision for many years on the daily gossip show “Escandalo TV” on Telefutura. After Univision she took on several shows with Mega TV. We […]

Charytin Goyco and Iris Chacon Sharing The Stage

Two Puerto Rican and Dominican icons will share the stage alongside other stars. Iris Chacon and Charytin Goyco will be kicking off the show “Malas” in Puerto Rico with the idea of taking it on tour. This is the first time these two longtime entertainment figures will work side-by-side on the same project. They both […]

Charytin Will Bury Elin Ortiz’s Ashes at Wapa TV

Charytin will be burying Don Elin Ortiz‘s ashes at Wapa TV. The host spoke to “Lo Se Todo” and revealed that she will leave her husband to rest at the TV network on Monday, August 15th. We knew she flew to Puerto Rico for this reason, but now we know the specifics. She says that […]

Charytin Keeps Composure While Shooting Episode Dedicated to Husband

Charytin is in Puerto Rico. She went there to take Don Elin Ortiz‘s remains to be laid to rest and she is also filling on the show “La Noche Encima” while one of the hosts is on vacation. Charytin kept the energy up and was happy and positive throughout the taping. A very tough feat […]