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Zuleyka Kicked Off a Plane

Zuleyka Rivera, the ex Miss Universe from Puerto Rico, was kicked off a flight after arguing with a flight attendant. Here are the two sides of the story: The flight attendant says: Zuleyka got pissy because the flight attendant wouldn’t place her luggage where she wanted, so she told her “Don’t you know I am […]

Don’t Be Surprised To See Miss Peru’s Clothes on eBay

After knowing that she wouldn’t take the crown home, Miss Peru took off her costume and handed it over to her father. He later jumped into a taxi cab and…FORGOT everything in the cab. Miss Peru is asking that her luggage be returned since the items inside (dress, jewelry, shoes, makeup) total up to about […]

Jessica Alba Pulled Over

Jessica Alba gets pulled over for not having any license plates on her car and for the dark dark tinted windows. She tried to get out of the ticket by saying paparazzi were following her…but the cop wrote her a big fat ticket anyway. The actress, who was driving her electric hybrid car, was unfortunately […]

Laura Forgot To Pay Her House

Laura Bozzo‘s vacation home in Peru was put up for foreclosure due to payment default. The home, valued at 500 thousand dollars, is apparently being sold by the bank for 82 thousand dollars, which is the money La Señora Laura owes. Laura says that she forgot she owed that money since she now lives in […]

Cecilia Regretting Going Topless

Cecilia Bolocco has a lot of ‘splaining to do! As you may have heard, she was caught sunbathing topless in Miami with a man, who is believed to be her new boyfriend. She is now back in Chile dealing with the frenzied press, apologizing, and saying that she is afraid that her husband, ex Argentine […]