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Cecilia Galliano Sexually Accosted on Stage on Live TV

With all of the sexual assault accusations happening in Hollywood, Cecilia Galliano went through a controversial moment on stage at Premios de la Radio. She was presenting with Omar Chaparro when comedian El Ezequiel joined them on stage for a skit. Apparently, Ezequiel went off script and started explicitly coming on to Cecilia with phrases […]

Mark Tacher & Cecilia Galliano Back Together

Mark Tacher and Cecilia Galliano are back together! After separating in November, the couple decided to give their relationship another chance. Mark said it was a difficult time but they realized there were more important things like love and the relationship they had. He said he is very happy. Que viva el amor!

Juan Soler, Ludwika Paleta, Cecilia Galliano Vacation in Vail

It was a celebrity reunion in Vail, Colorado. Juan Soler, Maki, Cecilia Galliano, Ludwika Paleta, Facundo, Yordi Rosado, and Molotov‘s Paco Ayala all basically vacationed together. The TV and music stars took their loved ones to ski and decided they should all just partake as one large group. They’re not just work friends – they’re […]

Mark Tacher Was Building Home to Raise Family With Cecilia Galliano

Poor Mark Tacher. Looks like he was REALLY into his relationship with Cecilia Galliano for the long haul. His brother, Alan Tacher, revealed that Mark was building a house for the two of them to live in…and raise a family in. Well, that’s all in the past now. The couple broke up in November 2014.

Mark Tacher and Cecilia Galliano Split Up

Mark Tacher and Cecilia Galliano are dunzo. They have each announced that they have split up with a statement on social media. Mark and Cecilia were together for three years. CLICK HERE to read their words.