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Carmen Villalobos and Christian Acosta Have Silly Fun on YouTube

Carmen Villalobos was a guest on Christian Acosta‘s YouTube channel and the result is pure enjoyment. The actress and the YouTuber/host play the ’100 Capas’ challenge in which she applied lipstick on 100 times and he does the same with nail polish. The real laughs come via their interaction. It’s just silly fun.

Carmen Villalobos is Sexy and She Knows it at Premios Tu Mundo

Carmen Villalobos was sexy and she knew it at Premios Tu Mundo. She can’t go wrong in anything, especially in a LBD.

Premios Tu Mundo Goes Multi Multi Multimedia

Premios Tu Mundo is tonight and Telemundo has a special offering prepared for the blue carpet. Aside from the television broadcast hosted by Jorge Bernal and Rashel Diaz, the network is also hosting a digital interactive broadcast via Facebook Live. It’s hosted by Christian Acosta, Carmen Villalobos, and Erika Csiszer – and it kicks off […]